A Large Couple Is A Happy Couple | Weight Gain Stories


chapter 1 – thats not even the beginning

Gloria plopped down beside her girlfriend,Isabel.

Gloria is a relatively skinny woman, she does have some chub but, that’s common. She had been so insecure about it but what she didn’t know was that Isabel loved this about her.

Isabel reached her arm around Gloria, her hand resting on Gloria’s love handles. She gave it a gentle squeeze. “Ah! Isabel you know I’m embarrassed about that!”

“But why? you’re so cute!!!”

“I really need to loose weight”

Isabel rested her other hand on Gloria’s thigh and, leaned towards her “Gloria…I’ve been afraid to talk to you about this but…I actually find your extra pounds attractive and I’ve fantasized about you gaining” Isabel’s face was red, worried that she would have disgusted Gloria.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind trying it out… But, could you gain with me?”

Isabel’s face couldn’t have gotten more red but somehow it did

“S-sure I’ll try”

Gloria gave a big smile

“Okay! Well then we’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow!”

“But we have food here” Gloria protested

“Not for long ” Isabel said with a mischievous smile .

Isabel led Gloria into their room where Gloria was told to lay down on the bed

“Stay here” Isabel instructed “I have a surprise for you”

Gloria was nervous,she had always been insecure about her weight and now she’s agreeing to gain! “At least I won’t be alone” she thought

About ten minutes later Isabel came back with a box of hostess cakes she sat on top of Gloria

“Ready?” Isabel was

having trouble containing herself, she bit her bottom lip as she pulled one of the mini cakes out and held it up to Gloria’s mouth. Gloria took a bite, a spongy texture and chocolatey taste filled her moth. It was pure bliss! Since she had been trying to loose weight she had forgotten how amazing these were.

Isabel got another cake out and with her free hand she reached into Gloria’s panties. Gloria moaned and kept eating. This must have gone on for about an hour because they had become so lost in what they were doing that when they snapped back into reality both of them were covered in sweat there was three empty boxes of mini cakes on their bedside table and Gloria’s belly was stretched outwards she tried to get up but the tightness in her midsection forbid it. Gloria gave up and layed back down Isabel laying beside her “Isabel that was amazing” Gloria looked over at Isabel and drifted off to sleep as she was so full that’s all she really could do

“Oh Gloria…that’s not even the beginning” she whispered with a devilish smile.

Hope you all enjoyed this first chapter!

Since this is my first story I’d love feedback on how to improve and if you have any suggestions I will gladly try to work them in!


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