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Story For Glory seeks to raise awareness across the PI movement of the benefits of communicating with oral communities using methods that honor their preferences and traditions. We also seek to share best practices using various communication channels within our movement. These include using a Story For Glory newsletter, videos, and presentations at PI events both on the field and at Mob Bases.


Through PI tools such as GeoSync, PI events such as Area Retreats, and through other relational opportunities, Story For Glory seeks to guide and mentor PI teams in utilizing oral communication methods. Primarily this will occur by connecting oral ministry practitioners who can then share their experiences

with one another.


There are PI members actively training both local believers and expatriate workers how to communicate the Good News orally. These include formal trainers of established mission partnerships such as OneStory, Story Together, and Simply the Story as well as less formal ministry models. Story For Glory seeks to inform PI members of these training opportunities.

Note from the Administrator: Thanks to SS, GL and the team at Orality Strategies for mentoring our Shandi team and investing in me. True to how oral communicators pass on information, I have replicated a lot of your information here (sometimes word for word)! ☺


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