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Paper in Melbourne outside the top they love for football. Yeah something else. On the Friday the day before the Grand final, it was made in miles sitting in the truck together. I had a little mom in my lap and he had his daughter and the media just formed us and wanted to talk to mom. You’re a big game player aren’t you. We loved it, It was surreal. It was just unbelievable. Marlon Pickett is embracing the hype ahead of making his debut in front of 100000 people. It was just a feel good story of the 2009 and four Grand final and that was before we knew that he was gonna apply this sort of game that he played the first guy and his spine. I just knew he belonged out there and it was his day and it was all mile mile Mount Pam Ball to the advantage. That was a beautiful move to pick and what about that he spoke and because I got to know him and his background and what he’s been through. People make mistakes in life and you can change and turn your life around lost all about getting second chances and becoming a better person if he kicks this and this what we want of the great bulls in Grand Final history Marlins having a shot a goal on the moon that is going around this is like a fairy tale. This couldn’t happen. couldn’t we couldn’t have a kid that’s been in jail 27 years of age playing his first game in front of A hundred thousand. He could not possibly kick a goal. That’s an incredible story. Hard to believe it happened really. To put the dagger in the heart on Grand Final day. I’ve always been a good runner every school went to when he was a competition if I didn’t come first and it made me push even harder the next year. That’s beautiful, watching him run. There is no sound. It is so quick and it’s not just straight. It’s any direction. blonde turns. It is nearly like a ballet dancer. in the way he moves the targets land account of Punch kick it trying to spin through when people watch Mile and playing football. That’s all they see is not behind closed doors. A lot going on with our family and yeah, there’s quite a lot of struggles and yeah. People I’m perfect purpose has gone up people looking for trouble. I remember when I was 15. Yeah, I thought I was big enough to head out with the old brothers. Called got in trouble they probably got in trouble. I got into Australia that they got charged for Poly harms. Couple months after the other relationship in the Center, then on my chest, just for the first girl that I met properly. And I just had this strong connection from probably when I first met her. Yeah. he was very sharp myself was very ah think it was more into may them I was into him but I think that’s what brought me to yeah locking he was that much into football he was more in trouble Jessica was 15 years of age she ran away. Found a boyfriend and smile made my mom and sister went to get her and she came back with us. A few days later, she’s gone missing again. Our parents went through a bit of stuff. you know. I’m trying to control all of us kids in the city. It’s a bit hard for him, so they moved up. they decided to move to your to keep us all out of trouble. Mama made hard We’ve just trying to accept it, but I wouldn’t take that she had no choice. It was either just come with us or maybe just hit now I want. At that time, I didn’t want to acknowledge my life because I was I was upset within both thought that was my hang on the wrong skills. I was 17 when I first found out I was pregnant. It was kind of a shock to me, just because how young I was. And that changed everything. Had to support them, then I’ll try to look forward, but I worked in and up for Mesa find another way to support them. It was time so just partying drinking drugs and ended up getting into crime. What Tom was thinking for break into a shop, it was safer for the family. Yeah, then still drugs from home with the kids in it. I knew Marlon was doing robberies and what not, but I didn’t feel that all right with it because of I knew it would come to in one day. One morning I heard a knock on the door. We wanna look at the door and he was standing in the place. two weeks after the model was arrested. I found out I was pregnant for our second child and I knew from there that things were gonna be really difficult for myself. When I went to visit Marlon with the children, it was good for the hour, but after it was time to say goodbye, it was pretty hard. just seeing my son craft for his dad. Yeah roll down my face. yes, I look back once and that was about it just kept walking. she dies down the track, he said. not to visit him as. Often only because he didn’t want junior to hurt as much and he’s probably the hardest thing to do. Sometimes it’s just me, but then, she said, she didn’t wanna give up without a father. Because I’ve seen my mother, my father, my brother being in prison most of life. 50. In 2011, World Prison farm joined forces with local football club over in Western Australia, taking prisoners outside of prison Walls to play in the local football League. It’s up to you at the end of the day. I like I said, I don’t like to lose you gotta use your teammate. Don’t try take on the world. I was approached to come on board and document the program for the ABC. It would be more conviction. Speaking the mile and interviewing him, I didn’t think that there was too much to this young man who was very quiet. He was very humble. He didn’t really have a lot to say love of football. Good feeling. You’re good at it. Yeah. Oh. so. But once we got outside of prison walls once we saw them running around on the field, he was incredible. I mean he really let his skills to the talking. Watching my son play football was pretty surprising cuz I didn’t really know how talented he was. And everyone on the team was adamant that he was absolutely gonna be an incredible AFL style on the outside once he completely sentenced. I don’t really have no idea at the time I was probably just about focusing on getting through my sentence of what I do. The first game they beat their first team by like A hundred and 50 points. It was absolutely ridiculous as the season progressed. You could definitely say that these guys are on a fast track to reaching the finals and potentially a Grand final victory. Unfortunately, there was one particular incident that threw a real big spanner in the works. Yeah, that Tom will hide enough of minimum security that wasn’t the right structure around me. I told my left right just there’s a bit too much freedom where what they want freedom. That’s one of the most structure with Tom flu instead of dragging along so to get move from that didn’t happen. So then the other way art move if I got charged. in prison where you are And you are hit stuff just checked with fence if they catch it. Yeah heading back to prison, Slow medium security. That tomb kids talk to people and find up getting some marijuana. And I was caught out of bounds here from that point on I was going back to prison. Very different routines there. we’re talking about much stricter rules and regulations, a lot less freedoms, concrete walls barbed wire, all of that sort of stuff. That was the real reason why was such a shock. He was the one that had the most to lose. I mean he was absolutely dominating in the competition. He was dominating as a player and as a result they lost in the finals and they fell out of the car. Cheers buddy I had doubts for man if he was to change or not. But when he got in 2013, the first week he went into Sacramento Football club and asked if he was allowed to play with him. twenty-one it asked some questions of us when we were prepared to take a player strike at a prison there’s always a little bit a fear that comes with that So a lot of people would get out of the way when Marlon was going towards the ball. We love your food. You have some lunch in 2015 myself and moved into our very first time just outside of free mental where we had our first daughter Shanika. That’s one leave us mister Danny the following we had youngest son Liva. You can watch that play football. No. yeah you do. Yeah. Six model was younger. He told me that there was his Dream to become a player and play for the Big League. The pinnacle of Australian football is the IMF L. It’s the big stage, but in the way that the Ifill and he did most sports, they’re drafting system work. you get picked up when you’re 18 or 19. so at 20 – four, he’s For the Richmond Football Club, we were still trying to build our team. We certainly assist him and looked at him closely, but we probably weren’t quite ready for mountain at that point. in time, he’s got to be able to survive and not just survive. He’s gonna thrive in our environment and prosper. Richmond captain Trent Coaching has defended coach Damien Hardwick after another embarrassing loss of the weekend 2016 was the toughest years I’ve ever had emotionally physically and it just became a really really crappy place. Richard Footy Club kicking their lowest score for more than 50 years. There’s no way on bringing in a player that’s been incarcerated for a period of time. you know I became a shocking coach. I became a thought and became an approachable. I’m applying group the WWA indigenous boy that is experienced what he has done. I would just thought this is all too hard. There’s no way this is gonna work. I met with several

different clubs with frame. Gulf Coast, But I’ve looked every year probably just might be more angry that they’re still want about my past. One night we went out in his. I know who the other fellows, but I think I mean nigga or boom. I’m gonna take a swing at me, step back and hit him. So then I was gonna call for that. but at the end of it, he got dismissed and dropped. That’s why I’d stop going out and now it’s just focusing on my kids, my partner and Best socking for them. We put your foot in here and bury your foot. okay. mom had doubt stay he would ever make us feel sad, but I encourage him a lot to just stick to it. Pick fly by Holly Clubs watching his final campaign as well, a dangerous position pick it on the goal line. Almost it’s three straight goals for South. his football in 2018 was phenomenal. He went on to win best interest. He had developed great leadership. He was not only a leader of the original players Football club. He was a leader of everybody. If you played alongside mom pick it, you know we we felt our players walked a little bit taller. Oh wow. Extraordinary. Well any talents gets watching. Who wasn’t the original pair? He’s always been so brave in the air. We interviewed him a couple of times and from that, the interest grew that pulls it out. Everybody knows what’s behind him? Yeah fees we probably had maybe selecting Melon was we’re taking a 20 – seven -year-old guy with a partner and four young children and relocating them one side of the country to the other, such an unselfish applied to brings other people into the game. Sometimes you learn them. You know the greatest lessons that you love. In your darkest times certainly happened to me might happen in Maryland as well, 30 – seven years of disappointment purged with a First time in 20 – seven years By now Damian Hard, we could completely change the way you went about He embraced people from all sorts of different backgrounds, including troubled ones, and that’s the significant change. We don’t all have to fit in the same box. We can let people be who they are. We can embrace them for the person that they are and then for the first time in decades, the Ifill decides to have a mid-season draft. but the week before that mid-season draft mile and Pickett breaks his finger for a second time. What have you gone for a pick? Attain for the Tigers, Yeah, we selected mile and Pickett from the South Fremantle Football Club well surprise he was broke his finger on the weekend. Matt We think 68 10 weeks potentially yeah. I don’t think there’s any concerns from us. meet the finger being a long term selection. We think it’s an opportunity to get in now. I was cooking dinner at home. The draft pick was on. We were surprised that they called his name. Yeah. he was shocked. I was surprised. I actually ran out the House and started shouting he was quite yeah scratching his head walk around the House. You know what to do Footy fans Lava good redemption story, and this father of four is one of the best. Yeah. I just let him do what he had to do until he found a House blast in Melbourne. Mom was in rehab at the time. He couldn’t really apply because of his finger and as soon as he started training full time with us and he was in the main training with us and he just started to tear it up. Tickets on the verge of being picked in Richmond’s FL team. That’s the second tee competition and then all of a sudden he’s needed back home in Perth. I remember it was light on a Friday. I got a phone call from Maryland. He told me, unfortunately that Jesus brother passed away Marlon was clearly quite upset. When I first got locked up same was already in the prison waiting for made a movie in this cell that organized and then. I think as usual ball, we got closer. The day after my brother’s seems funeral myself, my second youngest sister Hannah, My four children and Marlon moved to Melbourne the official move. Hey, come here you gonna watch it. Let’s go no more Texas for you think you had enough. Just she’s a strong person like it’s hard to see what’s going on in her cuz she just takes it even goes on with life like she doesn’t for me, Marlene the camps in this room, sometimes I think much about the children. I think let’s do it. When September rolls around, we’re lucky enough as a club that have sold in both finals competitions and Marlon was playing at the time. What happens, though is Marlon Pickett has such a performance in the VA FL. He wins the norm Goss metal as best on ground, He was nothing short of outstanding. Would he be able to force his way in to the I feel Grand final side and to become the first player since 1950 – two to make his debut in the biggest game of all, I think the heart just started beyond the in the locker room conversation started to happen. It’s the name that kept cropping. I was like well. What about mom? What why? why not mom so another defender comes down and pulls back up roll forward to credit further Thursday comes around and we thought well. Listen these kids crossed every breed. We’ve asked him across his life has challenged him in many ways that none of us would have any idea of what he’s been through and he’s just taken everything in stride. So we bought him in with the captain, Trent Coaching and Dustin Martin, who had a bit of a relationship with as well and we told him he’s gonna apply the matter is we put you in 20? First game brother congratulations. It’s pretty shocked. It took a big deep breath and it was a really special moment and I’m glad I was a part of it. So come the big day, Maryland Pickett understandably starts on the bench, but from when he got on the field he shown from the outside. What about that. 360 in slow Everyone was like cheering me myself and his manager and my cousin were more less like Oh, finally like there, he is you know the that smile. We know this man is playing right now picking as well as 60 to 12 when I kick the ball to Dusty Martin. And just kinda walking back and I just happened to look in board and I seen him at the corner of my eye. I kinda just gave me a little note and just kicked it to him. give it all pay off and then guess who. point not missing this this this would be one of the most in England history moments coming at me the girls have directly and he keeps it and you just know these things and I think everyone is to start charging All of us decide proud so emotional it was put in it was put us the biggest lead. I think we’ve been all guy the tigers are premiers. History. Some people say what happened to me is a fairy tale, but was if if you’re looking for a change and a better life and it’s up to you. If you wanna change it, you wanna visit here for visit your name is please Anthony Banda And pick it if I didn’t go to prison when I did, I probably wanna learn. Yeah, I was wrong was right back out here, not locking it coming back, but yeah, that’s not a last place to be away from your family over I would like to mentor kids. It doesn’t matter what kind of kids are just trying to show them. There is a bit of loft and gel is. Help them get by and to know that I’m always there if they need me when you don’t give a reason to try. Trying to do that stuff? Yeah. They are a lot of indigenous families that they were a lot of family are in and out of prison for their lifetime. It’s not just small families a lot of indigenous people. Status troubled everything you cannot to give your self the best opportunity to keep up with that thought someone I look up to and come in and visit me when I was in here. I think it might have been different. Yeah, that could help me to get somewhere. I wanted to be a bit earlier. Yeah and probably be there for me. It’s probably just gonna balloon from you thanks and try something different. By buying Fantastic Avenue coming again, Yeah, it’s been great to see you again and we’d be happy to have mile and involve in in any capacity. The relationship is there and we’re happy to sort of continue to foster it and and make it become as productive as possible. It will never easy for just she’s. In the rock so far and support me so over Christmas break, we’ll head back so she can enjoy with her family. I’ve got a mad in my life for that Marlin. Just yeah, I would say the backbone. I wouldn’t have thought that they would have come this far. You know really happy and proud of it. I’m 20 – eight that size prompt the biggest thing I’m I’m The precious huge now, but for those of us that know, pick it, he hates pressure for breakfast. He strives and thrives on that kind of pressure. They could be an argument to say that he’s a bit of a one game wonder potentially who knows I think his team loves him. I think it’s the supporters love him the game loves him. it’s just up to him really the same way goes to from here so I don’t have any expectations I am just really came to see what happens next


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