Bedtyme Stories – 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) Adult


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This visit was on a whim after driving through the southern states to Ohio.  All I really wanted was a post card (not sure what kind I was looking for that could pass through the postal service without being flagged) but nothing G rated here.  Duh.  

The big, burly man who slid back the window as I walked inside seem overly happy to see me come in even after two people entered before me and two were leaving as I entered looking conspicuous.  I didn’t care and I’m sure no one else cared either.  Whether there for postcards or sex toys I’m sure this was a judge free zone…except for the motorist on a main straightaway with a traffic light right outside of the large establishment.  

After being asked for my valid ID, then gladly writing down information I’m sure was birthdate, name and other required license stuff before being granted entry into the mega of adult fantasy sex/toy shops, I asked him if he’d honor the

15% off coupon Yelp! Offered me to present with purchase just for checking in.  He said yes proudly.  Who knew the surprise coupon was hidden behind the check-in?!  Plus now if I didn’t find postcards I felt compelled to buy something just to not look like an ogling  idiot.  

Inside there were exactly what you would find: DVDs, toys, lingerie, oils, potions, cards, candles, incense, protection, lubes and much much more.  After seeing some product that I couldn’t unsee, I did spot some magnets by the register where nice burly man sat.  I looked for the least overt magnet to buy that was still $6 to give as a souvenir.  Actually nice burly man was personable and I really liked his level of service and conversation.  He honored my 15% on my magnet so I was happy.  His service was memorable.  So was the expensiveness of everything for sell in the adult shop.  No wonder it’s a lucrative industry.


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