Ben Chilwell reveals wholesome way he celebrated Chelsea’s Champions League glory


Ben Chilwell celebrated Chelsea’s Champions League glory by staying at his mum’s house for a few days.

Under normal circumstances, Chilwell would have spent the next few days partying, going on an open top bus parade and enjoying the biggest achievement of his career to date.

But, instead, Chilwell went to his mum’s, did some washing, walked the dog and watched his old cricket team Flitwick which is a world away from what you expect a 24-year-old who has just conquered Europe to be doing.

Chelsea left back Chilwell said: “The night of the game all our families were there and the club put on a club function, which was nice. Obviously with all the family and friends who were out there for the game and the rest of the team and staff were together, which was a really special moment.

Ben Chilwell cuddles the trophy

Ben Chilwell cuddles the Champions League trophy
(Image: Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

“Your family being there was massive and sharing that moment and evening with friends and family, the team, the staff. That was it, really. We went home next morning on the plane and I went to my mum’s for three or four days and then came to meet up with the squad.

“I walked the dog. Bit of laundry. Make my own bed. It was nice and then I haven’t played cricket for a while so to get home and go and watch the team that I used to play for – Flitwick – was quite nice, too.

“It’s difficult isn’t it, you’re coming to meet up with England and there’s a lot going on with Covid so you’ve got to be on your best behaviour.

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“But just seeing how happy everyone is for me is the main thing that’s helped it settle in, really. Seeing my family’s reaction to it. It’s been a whirlwind week really.”

Chilwell has had a remarkable first season at Chelsea as he finished the campaign with a brilliant performance in the Champions League final win over Manchester City.

The England left back says that it is the perfect boost for him, Mason Mount and Reece Chilwell ahead of joining up with Gareth Southgate’s

England squad.

“It obviously gives you confidence, knowing that if you can win the Champions League, which you do dream about as a child, if you can win that it gives you confidence,” said Chilwell.

Ben Chilwell will be hoping to turn club success into England glory
(Image: The FA via Getty Images)

“I spoke to Gareth when I first came in, it was me and Mason in the conversation, and we said if you can win the Champions League and you go to the Euros, it gives you that extra bit of confidence.

“That if you can win the Champions League, you can go on to win the Euros now. There’s always the belief you can do it but to win the Champions League and go on to the next tournament, [you have] that real belief you can go on to win the Euros as well.”

Chilwell now has a battle with Luke Shaw to hold down the left back slot for England for the Euros and that choice is a really tight call for Southgate.

Chilwell added: “We get on really well. I think, of course, there will be competition for places in every position. It is a very strong England squad with a lot of very good players and I have said it before with me and Marcos Alonso in the same situation at Chelsea.

“I have had it with Christian Fuchs at Leicester for two or so years, and in both cases it made me a better player. When you are fighting for your shirt every day in training, you are fighting to get that shirt.

“It improves you as a player and Luke will have the same mindset if you asked him. And if that is the same all over the pitch with two or three players fighting for one shirt, of course there are only 11 shirts and people desperate to play the first game against Croatia.

“In a weird way it is quite fun pushing each other and training to get better and whoever plays on the day will give their best and the other player will be very supportive.”

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