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(John Rutter) (Purcell, Tomkins, Vaughan Williams, Stanford, Tavener, Elgar, Morley, Rutter…) (Rejoice in the Lord; Remember not, Lord, our offences; Come let’s rejoice; When David heard; I sat down under his shadow; These are they that follow the lamb; Christe Jesu, pastor bone; O beatum et sacrosanctum diem; Nunc dimittis; O vos omnes; Factum

est silentium; Justorum animae; Hail gladdening light; Hymn to the mother of God; Hymn for the dormition of the mother of God; They are at rest; A litany; Nolo mortem peccatoris; O nata lux; Loving shepherd of thy sheep; Lord’s prayer; In manus tuas; Bring us o Lord God)

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