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You know new things are discovered at each new length?
For example when i first cut my hair, I discovered how aerodynamic my head was, I could feel the wind on my scalp. When I swam in water, by golly, I felt like I could swim faster, hardly any hair to inhibit my (jk)
I discovered I had a beautiful face, I had to accept it for what it was, I couldn’t hide my forehead under bangs, my cheek bones were very pronounce and I discovered my eyes slant (never really noticed before)

I have recently discovered something new… (4/23/13)

I have recently taken my hair out of braids (they were only in for 3 weeks) and I can see the growth on my head! I’ve got 4-5 inches stretched…unstretched it looks about 1inch! (That’s almost 75% shrinkage)



I wore dangle earrings, and each time I turned my head, I noticed on of the dangles would get caught in my hair…this has never happened before…(with permed hair it was never an issue).. I must say this was a pleasant surprise.. Although, I did have to be patient in order to get the earrings untangled from hair… LOL
And not only that I went to scratch my scalp, and my watch yanked some strands out…owie!

What cool new discoveries are ahead? I know not! But I will certainly write when they appear!

Question: what fun and interesting things did you notice about your hair as it has grown longer??

What things have you discovered about you in the process?


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