Dozens in Hong Kong stage lunchtime protest in shopping mall


HONG KONG: Dozens of protesters marched through the IFC mall in Hong Kong’s Central district on Friday afternoon (Jun 5), a day after thousands defied a police ban to hold a vigil for the anniversary of China’s Tiananmen incident in 1989.  

Protesters of all ages joined the march in the heart of the city’s financial district, which ended peacefully after an hour.



Chanting slogans, some held banners that read “Hong Kong independence” and “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times”, as well as the former British colonial flag. Others chanted “Glory to Hong Kong”, the unofficial anthem of the protests.

According to Apple Daily, about 50 people joined the protest. Police kept watch outside the mall but did not enter the building. 

Thursday’s anniversary of Chinese troops opening fire on student-led protests in and around

Beijing’s Tiananmen Square was particularly sensitive this year, as the central government drafts national security laws for the Asian financial hub.

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It was the first time in 31 years that scuffles briefly disrupted what is usually a solemn day in Hong Kong, which traditionally organises the world’s biggest memorial for the incident.

Officers would not have intervened if protesters had not blocked roads in the working class district of Mong Kok, police said on Twitter on Thursday. They had rejected the application for the vigil over concerns about COVID-19.


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