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Dry Goods & General Store

is a shop in the

Town of Spielburg

. It is featured in

Quest for Glory I



The store is on Tavern Street, near the corner of Market Street. It’s between the Sheriff’s House and the Farmer’s Mart. Letters stenciled above the door clearly marks it as “Dry Goods”.

Inside, the shop is only mildly cluttered and dusty. There is a counter along the back wall, and shelves containing several items. The shopkeeper, Kaspar, sits behind the counter, reading his book while awaiting customers.

While the store is meant to cater to the dry goods needs of the townspeople, as Kaspar has aspirations of one day becoming an adventurer, he stocks a small number of items that can be used for adventuring.

The store opens at dawn and closes

once night falls.


In-Game InteractionsEdit

While no story-specific events take place here, the Hero can find reason to patronize the shop. Flasks can be purchased if the Hero wishes to avoid purchasing a potion simply to have an empty flask afterwards. Food Rations are important to avoid going hungry and losing Stamina faster. The Thief, and even the Fighter, should maintain a healthy supply of Daggers for throwing. Lastly, the Chainmail Armor allows the Hero to absorb more damage, and while useful for all classes, is indispensable to the Fighter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • A “dry goods” store in real life is a store that sells wares that do not need to be kept fresh. They most typically sell textiles, but can also stock foodstuffs that can keep.


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