Eritrean, 4 Yemenis arrested after staging robbery drama involving SR78000


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Police in the Jeddah governorate arrested an Eritrean national who staged a fake robbery drama in connivance with four Yemeni nationals. The Yemenis who posed as robbers were also apprehended.

According to police sources, police received a complaint from an Eritrean national that he had been assaulted and robbed of SR78,000 from one of the residential neighborhoods in the city. It was said in the complaint that the purported attackers sprayed some chemical substance

in his eyes and robbed the sum of SR78000 that belonged to an establishment.

It was revealed in the investigations that robbery was a fake drama staged by the Eritrean with the alleged perpetrators in exchange for an amount of money in order to steal the money after hoodwinking the establishment.

All the five were arrested and legal measures were taken against them. They were then referred to the Public Prosecution, the sources said.

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