Fall Activities – Autumn Unit of Study


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About Fall About Fall
Background on the season and when it’s observed in both the
northern and southern halves of the world.
When does fall begin in 2020? When is the First Day of Fall 2020?
Learn which day in September starts the first day of fall in 2018 – 2030 for countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Learn which day in March starts the first day of fall in 2018 – 2030 for countries in the Southern Hemisphere.
Fall Coloring Pages for kids - Autumn Fall
Coloring Pages
– Use your interactive crayon to paint
these fun coloring pages of autumn symbols
– falling leaves, kids back to school, homework, rainy
weather, apples, apple trees, corn, wheat, pumpkins, scarecrow,
school bus, and a sunflower.
Fall Crafts Fall
– Fun craft ideas to celebrate fall
– an autumn handprint wreath, tissue paper corn stalk, fall leaves recipe holder, picket fence photo magnet, little leaf friend, paper plate scarecrow, pumpkin popup card, religious fall squirrel gratitude magnet, standing fall tissue tree and a wood craftstick scarecrow banner.
Fall and Autumn books for kids Thematic
Reading List – Kids Books for the Classroom
– Autumn Book descriptions
and reviews for preschool and elementary reading. Titles
include:Autumn:An Alphabet Acrostic, Autumn Leaves, Corn
Is Maize, Fall (The Four Seasons), How Do Apples Grow?,
It’s Fall (Celebrate the Seasons), Johnny Appleseed, Picking
Apples And Pumpkins, Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, The Autumn
Equinox, The Little Scarecrow Boy, The Lonely Scarecrow,
The Pumpkin Patch, The Stranger, Too Many Pumpkins, Why
Do Leaves Change Color?
Short stories about Fall and Autumn Fall Short
– Printable autumn stories for the classroom
or home. Includes a cute short story about The Anxious
Fall Worksheets and Printables Fall Worksheets and Printables
Autumn (fall) worksheets and printables include a word jumble, word search and placing vocabulary words in alphabetical order.
Fall Poems for kids - Autumn Poetry Fall
Poems – Autumn Poetry
– Printable Autumn poems for
the classroom or home. Includes some great poetry about
the seasons: Autumn Fires, A Fall Song, Farewell to the
Farm,The Hayloft, My Treasures, November, October’s Bright
Blue Weather, September

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