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It’s been the best part of 6 years since the original Knight Squad rocked up onto Xbox One. Now though the squad is getting back together, this time with release of Knight Squad 2 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, through Xbox Series X|S via Back-compat, Nintendo Switch and PC on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, Knight Squad 2 will have you going toe-to-toe with others as you attempt to hone your chivalric skills. 

Priced at £12.49, Knight Squad 2 is sold as the most chaotic arcade multiplayer game you could ever imagine (okay, them’s our words), as you pick a knight and go into battle with a host of wacky weaponry. With more than 13 competitive multiplayer game modes to enjoy – Battle Royale, Capture the Grail, Minion Master and more – the opportunity to draw together 8 players at a time looks to be a rich one, all as you attempt to prove your worth in the madness of

the arena. 

Our full review of Knight Squad 2 on Xbox Series X|S will be with you in the days ahead, but for further insight into how things play make sure you check out our previous hands-on with the game. If anything it’ll let you in on the secrets of how to find bold new ways to ruin friendships.

With both local and online cross-platform multiplayer options to play with, hugely customisable gameplay, and bragging rights on the table, if you’re looking for some new action, Knight Squad 2 should well provide it. 

Features include:

  • Local and online cross-platform multiplayer – Gather friends and/or challenge complete strangers no matter what platforms they choose to play on.
  • A ridiculous amount of game modes – Brawl in a battle royale, capture the Grail, push the payload, hunt for souls, become the Minion Master and much much more.
  • Wacky weaponry – Arm your knight with weapons from the Middle Ages such as the noble bow, the exotic boomerang or the sneaky proximity mines.
  • Customizable gameplay – Turn up the chaos by enabling the slippery floor, the exploding corpses or changing the starter weapons and upgrades.

The Xbox Store will sort you out with the usual Xbox One/Series X|S download. You’ll also find the game available on Nintendo Switch and PC, with both Steam and Epic Games Store options open to you. 

Game Description:

Knight Squad 2 is a chaotic arcade multiplayer game for up to 8 players. Pick an eccentric knight and fight for glory with wacky weaponry. Triumph over your friends in a ridiculous amount of game modes, both locally and online.

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