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and lost a lot of men during that siege. Just watched this again after several years, and frankly, there isn’t much I can add to the many reviews already posted except to agree: SOFG is one of the very best films produced on the Viet Nam war.

The Siege of Firebase Gloria is not a very well known Vietnam war film.

Winning a total of 18 awards including 4 Oscars, the Platoon made the phrase ‘The First Causality of War is Innocence’ famous across the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world.

Talk:The Siege of Firebase Gloria. Do me a favour!!! Apparently, neither have Leonard Maltin, Roger Ebert, or the editors of the “VideoHound Golden Movie Retriever.”

Based on the true story, this film follows the struggle of a group of brave marines as they attempt to defend Firebase Gloria during the Tet Offensive, even though they are greatly outnumbered. Based on the true story of the attempt to protect a remote American base during the infamous Tet … In 1967 to 1968, when the Tet Offensive started, I was in Air Rescue and our chopper was shot down at a fire base south of Da Nang,. –J Clear (talk) 14:33, 28 November 2013 (UTC). It does not glorify war or combat, and also portrays leadership, both good and bad that was the norm during that era. Not for the squimish but if you want to see what it really was like..this is the movie for you. This also is not a gung-ho armed services recruiting film, because of its very real depiction of the horors of war, it received a well deserved “R” rating. Tags: None. (Did I miss any?) Coming towards the back-end of the 80s, where Vietnam war films populate from the well-produced Hollywood productions to the low-grade, but gung-ho b-films; “The Siege at Firebase Gloria (1989)” turned out to be quite a powerful, little low-budget enterprise which balanced it’s raw brutality with a humane side.

Certainly NOT…for children! Need I say more?

Lee Ermey is absolutely flawless in every picture he does, and for a civilian, Wings Hauser isn’t far behind. Carring your dead out can’t be put into words. Join Date: 03 Sep 03; Posts: 17987; Share Tweet #2. Administrator Comrade Commissar. Believe me, it is the real deal. Stone was also nominated for best director.. Based on the actual events of the incident on Hill 192 in 1966, we follow Michael J.

This movie accomplished its mission; entertainment, character development, believability, and education. Forget what the nay-sayers write about this movie. With Wings Hauser, R. Lee Ermey, Robert Arevalo, Mark Neely.

I was an 8 yr old wanna be marine in 1968, having grown up on a steady diet of books about the Marine’s island-hopping campaign during WWII and shows like “Combat!

The Playboy magazine shown with great relish is the December 1968 issue and featured Cynthia Myers (39F). A lot of the scenes are done for Hollywood drama and audience viewing. Out. The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) Yet another true story that follows a unit on patrol that happens to take a stop at Firebase Gloria when the Viet Cong launch their Tet Offensive. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. If you’ve never heard of this movie before, you’re in good company. The Siege of Firebase Gloria In my quest to discern the 100 Best War Movies, I am working my way through Military History Magazine’s 100 Greatest War Movies list. I was in Americal in ’69 and ’70, A 3/21 196th, and can’t put into words how lucky I was. ” While the director takes certain liberties with details (guns are fired for too long without reloading, for example) the action sweeps you up so that unless you are really looking for it, you won’t notice it, and I am curious to know who actually counts rounds in combat. Like a movie it went for the splatter and over the top special effects. Your HQ designates you as “Combat ineffective” because of your heavy losses. So how would they even know whether it’s “realistic” or not??!! This is the story of American Army Captain Willard played by Martin Sheen who is given a mission to kill the rouge Colonel Kurtz. But it gets even better. The quality is a lot better than one would expect from such a source, but it still does not do justice to this forgotten gem. The one and two star reviews have numberous comments by “Americal in ’71” who couldn’t watch the whole movie……sorry he missed the war. Although I was only an Army Ranger (5th Group) for 18 months, I was on 7 LZ’ and was in 49 firefights and got into this film from the first minute-I got it only a few weeks ago on video, but have seen it on cable dozens of times and will catch it EVERY time it’s on! Apocalypse now is the Vietnam dramatization of Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others.

Antecedents: “Beau Geste”. This movie earned Tom Cruise his first Oscar nomination. This film pulls no punches, showing combat for what it is: a slaughter. It’s just raw, red meat. – MERK.

I didn’t even know of it until recently and it’s well worth its praise.

It features R. Lee Ermey (who seems born to portray all-American soldiers) as a right-wing commander, and Wings Hauser, who plays a relentless but tender-hearted commando. Plus the fact that R. Lee Ermey is a real-life former Marine Corps drill sergeant and Vietnam combat vet, so

he basically plays himself in this movie (as he does in the much more well-known ‘Full Metal Jacket’). A. good Vietnam War movie, better than Platoon IMHO! The writing is (mostly) spot on and the production crew clearly paid attention when the military advisors spoke. To relive it on screen, or close to it, sent shivers up my spine and brought a tear or two. Every time I watch it I catch a nuance of some human foible or honor or universal experience. In fact it hardly gets a mention at all and is overshadowed by films such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and others. As a former Recon Marine who served in that hell, the movie has many realistic and uncompromising moments. “The Siege of Firebase Gloria” is a really graphic flick about a squirmish at an American base called Firebase Gloria in Vietnam. For all the endless meaningless films that are transferred to DVD why has this great film been passed over? Lee Ermey is good but in this one, he is FANTASTIC; Wings Hauser also turns in a superb job as his close friend and is very believable, for a civilian (meaning non-military), and the clown who plays the chopper pilot is so REAL, I couldn’t believe that he WASN’T a ‘Nam pilot! The plot follows Sgt Hatner (Emery) and Cpl Di Nardo (Hauser), as they lead their platoon to a remote US marine Corp firebase Gloria, where they hold up against the advancing Viet Cong with very little support than to dig in.

Is the movie “The Siege of Firebase Gloria” with R Lee Ermey based on a true story? Based on the true story, this film follows the struggle of a group of brave marines as they attempt to defend Firebase Gloria during the Tet Offensive, even though they are greatly outnumbered. I have this same movie (from probably 30 years ago) on VHS tape (square screen format) that I recorded off TV, and I’ve been wishing for many years, that I could find it on DVD disc. I did that. Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2018. Platoon is the heroic depiction of the Vietnam War fought in the 60s and its toll on the soldiers fighting against an undefined enemy. In the second part, the strange sense of humor of the soldiers is shown while they are fighting the chaos and tragedy of the war. War involves lots of shooting and explosions!! Former USMC….Jerry von Lind. My overall rating would be a very solid 7 out of 10. They have to survive a brutal assault by the VC, who’s commanders thoughts also feature in the film. An isolated firebase faces human wave assaults from the VC at the start of Tet.

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Well directed for a low budget movie. and Playboy’s place in maintaining morale of the troops. We were stranded for a long time, and were hit by a large superior force of V.C. A Classic that needs to get a real release! R.Lee Ermey is the Seargent Major who assumes command and Wings Hauser is his point man. A movie that was able to humanize Vietnam veterans returning home from the war. The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989) Yet another true story that follows a unit on patrol that happens to take a stop at Firebase Gloria when the Viet Cong launch their Tet Offensive.

Siege at Firebase Gloria was not one of them. Brian Trenchard-Smith is a classic director in this genre, far more interesting than Oliver Stone and his ideological vomit. The first part of a trilogy and said to be the inspiration of Full Metal Jacket it was one of the first Vietnam War films to be published. Jon Voight and Jane Fonda each won Oscars.

Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2020.

Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2017. There are many comments already about this movie but as a vet and been there I consider this as many of the other vets have said in their comments…a super great and realistic movie.

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