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Gloria’s Story
Melissa Fowler

Gloria* had just moved in with her parents in order to financially support them when she was faced with an unwanted pregnancy. She was fortunate to be working, but she was only making minimum wage, had no paid sick leave, and was still in her 90-day new job probationary period. Even after receiving her paycheck, she didn’t have enough funds to continue supporting her family, travel to the nearest abortion care provider about three hours away, and pay for the procedure itself. Eventually, Gloria decided to not pay some of her other bills in order to have

enough funds to cover her travel and care, but then she ran into another barrier: her boss. Because the provider was more than 150 miles away, Gloria needed to take time off of work, but her employer wouldn’t allow her to do so. Her situation placed the job she desperately needed in jeopardy. Fortunately, her boss eventually relented and Gloria was finally able to obtain the abortion care she needed post 20 weeks, while keeping her job.

All stories have been shared with consent.

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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