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Probably related to UK dialect glory hole (“place for storing odds and ends”).[1]



glory box (plural glory boxes)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A lady’s storage box containing items saved for her wedding or married life.[From 1915.]
    • 1985, Janet McCalman, Struggletown: Public and Private Life in Richmond, 1900-1965, Melbourne University Press, page 148,
      Every girl who hoped to marry had started early on her glory box, sewing and embroidering household linen, buying sheets and towels on cash order.
    • 2003, Jane Malthus, Chris Brickell, Producing and Consuming Gender: The Case of Clothing, Barbara Lesley Brookes, Annabel Cooper, Robin Law (editors), Sites of Gender: Women, Men and Modernity in Southern Dunedin, 1890-1939, page 124,
      Trousseaux and glory boxes could be slowly built up while women were engaged in the paid workforce, before marriage heralded the loss of an independent income.
    • 2004, Kerry Greenwood, The Long Walk, unnumbered page,
      ‘ […]
      You can work on my daughter′s glory box. She′s had to get a job in the pub and she hasn′t had time to finish it and she′s getting married in December.’
    • 2011, Zoe Boccabella, Mezza Italiana, unnumbered page,
      She said that her mother brought them out to Australia in a baule — a huge glory box — along with blankets, kitchen utensils, crockery, and 32 litres of olive oil in tins. Tucked in this glory box, the linens travelled in the hull of a ship from Naples across oceans and seas, on a train from Sydney to Stanthorpe, by horse and cart to Applethorpe and later by ute to Brisbane.


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