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I had plans to go away with a group of women, most of whom went to my high school, we were the class of ’79. March was a crazy month for me for a variety of reasons, and it looked like my weekend away was not be to, however on Thursday I decided that I was going to make the trip happen.

I woke up at 5:00 am and started to pack for my trip. I had to work on Friday morning, but my plan was to drive straight to Alexandria Bay from work. Now that I had decided to go, I was anxious to get there.

Shortly after noon I darted out of the office and into my car.  I plugged in my old GPS and punched in the address of the hotel, gassed up my car, got some take out food for lunch, turned on my satellite radio and away I went.

For the first time in my life, I drove across the boarder into the USA by myself. The combination of a somewhat trusty GPS, and a new vehicle, means that I have the confidence to do such things on my own. It does feel good to be independent. I likely would never attempt such a road trip without the benefit of a GPS, that thing literally opened the world up to me.

As I arrived at the hotel, about 2 hours later, friends of mine were pulling into the parking lot. And so it began…..

I had decided that I was going to treat myself to a nice room, with a Jacuzzi. Shortly after I unloaded my stuff, the ladies started to arrive, wine glasses in hand. Hugs all

around. We were in for a good time, and we all knew it.

Twelve of us made the trip, one from as far away as Florida, some from Quebec, and others from a variety of cities in Ontario. The thing about the class of ’79 is that we were Anglophones, many of whom had little choice but to leave the province of Quebec after we graduated. This had the strange effect of taking away a home base for many of us. Whenever I would visit my folks in Pointe Claire, the city I grew up in, it was next to impossible to find a friend who still lived in the vicinity. It was rather sad, and I missed the old crew, but we had to do what was necessary to become gainfully employed. Therefore staying in a french speaking province was not an option for many of us.

These random gatherings of friends began a few years ago, in the wake of our high school reunion. Facebook played a huge part in helping us to get reconnected. Now, every so often, we find a way to meet up. We’ve had several impromptu
get-togethers. I believe that we feel a connection that will last a lifetime, and we appreciate the ability to talk about the old times, the so called Glory Days, with old friends who share common roots.

Glory days, well, they’ll pass you by. Glory days, in the wink of a young girl’s eye…” [Bruce Springsteen]

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