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  1. VHS

    Is the UK a ghost of its former glory?

    The British Empire is largely gone, and the UK is a middle power in many aspects:
    Its military might is almost negligible today.
    It is geographically small.
    It no longer has significant manufacturing capacity.
    Can we talk about the status of the UK today? We have quite a few British…

  2. D

    Be in ancient cities at it’s glory time

    When I was very young I had traveled to an ancient city and from that moment I am dreaming to see it in it’s glory time.

    I believe this is a question that many visitors asking themselves. am i right ?

  3. warmoviebuff

    YOU TUBE WATCH: Hell in the Pacific (1968)

    Our next edition of YOU TUBE WATCH is “Hell in the Pacific”. This is a John Boorman film that features tow great actors – Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune. In fact, they are the only two actors in the movie. The movie is set on an island in the Pacific during WWII. The two characters are…

  4. warmoviebuff

    YOU TUBE WATCH: Theirs is the Glory

    This week’s suggestion is “Theirs Is the Glory” (1946). This British war film chronicles the British part of Operation Market Garden. The movie was ahuge hit in Great Britain. Many veterans of the attack on Arnhem acted in the movie and assured it of accuracy and realism.

    You can watch it…

  5. EmperorTigerstar

    Gold, Glory, and God

    The motivations of God, glory, and gold were the three G’s taught in school on why the Spanish explored and colonized the new world. However these three motivations work for all of history in a sense. Which one do you think was the most common?

  6. warmoviebuff


    1. Robert Gould Shaw was the son of upper class Massachusetts abolitionists. HISTORY

    2. Shaw was wounded leading a charge at the Battle of Antietam. HISTYWOOD Shaw’s unit saw little action in the battle and he participated in no charge. He was wounded in the neck by a spent ball.


  7. M

    Why Ground Commanders get more glory and “importance” than Air Commanders?

    Why Ground commanders get more glory and importance than Air Commanders? Generals like Patton, Monty, Mainstein, Zhukov etc, seem to be glorified as primary war winning generals while Air Commanders are ignored as just following orders of providing air superiority and ground support.

    Is it…

  8. Z

    Why does Walter Cronkite get all the glory?

    I have watched the first episode of “The Sixties” which I think is a CNN show which was interesting. Basically a lot of clips of different TV shows and news programs, with famous stuff we have seen a hundred times before.

    Every show that depicts the Kennedy assassination always has Walter…

  9. Arlington

    Navy Seals board rogue Libya oil tanker Morning Glory

    Well done SEALS.

    BBC News – Navy Seals board rogue Libya oil tanker Morning Glory

    Navy SEALs take back control of hijacked tanker –

  10. OUNUPA

    Glory to the Ukrainian Heroes !

    … .who died for the Ukraine… .I’m crying…

  11. Belloc

    For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristeros

    For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristeros – YouTube

    Be interesting to hear from the Mexican members here about this.

  12. Revo

    The List Of Glory

    Most Important People Of History 2.0

    About a week ago I made a post asking you guys to

    help me make a list of the most important people in History. The list was wonderful and I had a lot of and suggestion, including a very good tips about how the list was a bit unfair, because it didn’t have a…

  13. Bluebird.of.Dover

    Hope and Glory: Britain 1900-2000

    I have this on my Amazon wishlist and I am wondering if anyone here has read it? All I was wondering was how deeply it goes into politics as I get bored with a book if it goes on for too long with that, I don’t mind a little of it but I am more interested in social history rather than deep…

  14. L

    General Hood in his glory

    From pages 26-28 of Hood’s Advance and Retreat, published in 1880:

    “. . . In a moment I determined to advance from that point, to make a strenuous effort to pierce the enemy’s fortifications, and if possible put him to flight. I therefore marched the Fourth Texas by the right flank into this…

  15. okamido

    For Greater Glory

    A new film coming out centering on Mexico’s Cristero War, where rebels took arms against the Mexican government over anti-clerical provision within the Mexican constitution.

    Looks interesting.

    For Greater Glory – Cristiada Movie Official Trailer #1 – Peter O'Toole, Andy Garcia Movie…

  16. Naomasa298

    The glory of France – a defecating duck

    I’m doing some reading on automata – the fascinating mechanical toys of the Renaissance and post-Renaissance period, and came across this device:

    Digesting Duck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It could “eat” grain and appeared to produce faeces (which were pre-stored). Of it, Voltaire…

  17. Salah


    Glory Trailer – YouTube

    One of my favorite films, it is about the 54th Masschusetts Colored Infantry during the American Civil War, and their bloody assault on the Confederate Fort Wagner.

    Anyone else seen, and enjoyed this movie?

  18. Vladd

    25/10/1854 When can their glory fade?

    Charge Of The Light Brigade – Final Charge – YouTube

    (Rare!) Trumpeter Lanfried – The Bugle of Charge of the Light Brigade (Re-enacted in 1890) – YouTube

    Charge Of The Light Brigade – Battle of Balaclava 2/2 – YouTube

  19. Pancho35

    Paths of Glory

    Anyone else see this film starring Kirk Douglas? I bought it and watched it for the first time last night. Reading the back of the case, I felt like I had already seen such a plot, though I couldn’t think of any examples. Yet, the film completely blew me away. The last scene almost made me shed…

  20. Thessalonian

    History of Thessaloniki: 2326 years of glory

    A city known from references of the Bible, ancient Greek and Latin authors, and of course Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire for the Romanophiles).

    “The northern Greek city of Thessaloniki was founded around 315 BC by Cassander, the King of Macedon. Cassander named the new city after his wife…


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