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It all started in 1948 as a result of the Lord anointing a Newark businessman Henri Staples. The ministry that the Lord gave to Henri touched lives in every part of Great Britain and changed many thousands of people. He held meetings throughout the UK and in northern Europe.

The Lord anointed him to minister on the Fruits of the Spirit and in particular the Joy, which was not obvious in the Church at the time. Ostracised by the established Church he was forced to start an organisation called Henri’s Evangelical Revival Association. However, the meetings became known as Glory Meetings because the Glory (Presence) of God was so strong in the meetings. Henri insisted that he had a John the Baptist ministry, that he was the forerunner of a greater move of God. How he would have rejoiced to see the general outpouring of joy that is overtaking

the Church in these days. He would have encouraged us all by saying what he often said in his latter years “I’ve had my day, now it is your day to spread the Glory of God – It’s in you Brother, It’s in you Sister – dare to be strong and do exploits for our God”. Henri went to Glory aged 85 years in 1992 after 40 plus years travelling and evangelising the UK. With this Gospel of love.

We are an open Fellowship of those who God is moving upon to carry this end time message.

Many of us involved today are those touched during those years as Henri and Connie travelled the country.

The purpose of this web site is to draw others with like hearts and spirits to flow together in unity to bless this generation, the ones who will see Jesus return.  


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