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VIDEO “Supernatural Stories”

We hosted Nancy Coen and Justin Abraham last year in – Melbourne Australia. What eventuated through that time together was phenomenal. Here is a small selection of some of her extraordinary supernatural, heavenly stories. 

With thanks to Benji Alexander, these stories were filmed at his Leaders Advance conference in Nov, 2015

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To hear Justin share what he encountered during our time together, check out the audio of The Winds of Change.

  • Nancy coen – All Creation Groans

    This is the mind-blowing/paradigm shifting story of the first time Nancy heard “all creation groaning” whilst standing in a Satanic Nightclub.

  • presidential prayer Breakfast

    The story of Nancy’s hilarious meeting with presidents and congressmen and the outrageous way the Lord moved in their midst.

  • The Man with the Machete

    This is the

    story of how a man running down the isle with a machete planning to kill Nancy in the middle of the preaching and how God turned the situation around for His glory

  • indigneous apostles & EVANGELISTS

    All over the world, the Lord is raising up indigenous people to do things in a way and on a scale we’ve not been empowered to do in the age of the church. These stories are emerging all over the earth as the new “normal”.  Here are a astounding stories of exponential growth!

  • This is the story of the persecuted church and when Nancy met a man known as the Living Martyr of China who’s had every bone but 3, broken in his body for the cause of Christ. What he shares with her is perspective changing!


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