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photo by luke walker

photo by luke walker

An intimacy moment. When God descends over those who gather. A display of his presence, his creativity in splashes of color saying,

‘I AM here. even as the cloud by day was there. I AM here.

My love is far reaching. It is higher more lofty than any can imagine. It is as definite as the cloud structures that hang in the sky. Never look up the same way again. Never say i did not draw near.

Open your eyes at the display of my passion knowing of the extent to which my love will go.

Be drawn to the immensity and vastness of my capacity to love, to rule to execute justice.

This moment captured in a photo is not a fleeting one. It is captured for all time. It has cloud effect as the next and the next roll in and you can come back and be here now and savor and enjoy and remember.

Please remember. Do whatever it takes to remember. So you can build a repertoire a portfolio of my having been there and there.

oh, and tell others to ‘look up’ as well.

beach mission 2015



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