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Hello my friends! After the two tales I’ve told, I think it’s about time I told you all a story that I would say is one of the best moments in all of D&D I’ve ever seen, and what better time than GLORY WEEK! now there’s been a few super awesome moments in our campaign, like when our barbarian killed a horned devil with his own pitchfork. Or when our sorcerer tricked Hill giants into carrying him over a mountain. But the moment that I still think of to this day and I hold in the highest regard was pulled by our dear human samurai fighter.

So this happened when we were at 7th level and we’d been tasked by a local baron to intervene on his behalf and deal with a “rude neighbour” he didn’t tell what the neighbour was so I had my usual fears of “It’s a beholder, oh shit it’s a beholder.” seriously I am terrified of beholders. Anyway, So we got to the foot on a long dead volcano, but from the side of the mountain, a faint but clear glow could be seen, Rogue scouted a head, nailing her stealth check and heading deep into the cave, turns out the “rude neighbour” was a fire giant! A very large fire giant, Druid suggested he speak to the giant and being a firbolg, he knew how to speak giant, he stepped out and tired to open a conversion with the giant honestly it was a good idea. unfortunately he rolled low on persuasion and the giant seeing us as invaders (he wasn’t wrong) attacked and the fight was on, and it was something else! Barbarian quickly started raging and I transformed to give us an edge, Sorcerer was a strict pyromancer and only had one spell he could use against the big bugger that being Lightning bolt, bard spammed thunderwave after thunderwave and then it happened… a Nat 20… and Bard was sent flying, before hitting the wall of the volcano. Knock out, and the giant was still at half health, Druid couldn’t get anywhere near him, he was blocked off by the giant. The fight continued, and even though he began to turn the tide and put the giant on the defensive, things got worse for Bard, he’d failed two death saving throws and we honestly didn’t have a good feeling. He rolls. 4. The first death of the campaign. Despite this we did manage to kill the giant with Sorcerer blasting lightning bolt one last time knocking the monster into the chasm below.

We all gathered around the body of our comrade, we looked through our sheets and inventory to find anything that could bring Bard back, nothing, no spell or item could save him. Fighter enraged slams her hands on Bard’s chest, screaming in fury (Fighter so good at acting) she screamed “I’ll give my soul! For you to live!” DM suddenly got a look in his eyes a look that said “I’ve been waiting so long for those words to be uttered.” He quickly bent down and lifted up a book I only caught a glimpse but I’d know those colours anywhere, ‘Into the Abyss’

“With those words uttered and their echo still finding each and every corner of the volcano, you Fighter notices the orange flames of the fire giant’s forge slowly turn to a dark green colour.”

At this moment DM asked us all to leave the table with the expedition of Fighter. We all sat in the living room for about 10 minutes a little worried about what was gonna happen. Then DM called us all back in.

“You watch as this faint dark green mist gently floats into bard’s lifeless body and you suddenly spring back to life.”

Everyone had so many questions, but Fighter only said she did what she had to do, then and this at the time was so strange but looking back she’s a Genius, she began to fill her boots with rocks, we asked why but she didn’t reply and I even asked her out of game but she said I’d have to wait and see. Some time passes in game about a

year passes we’re coming to the end of the next arc and Fighter still hasn’t said anything to us about what happened in the cave. However we soon learned what trebly happened.

We’re we facing off against a mind flayer, who’d been leading a cult. We chased him up a mountain side into an old temple, we took down the mindflayer and freed the town from its control, but at that moment the DM said we felt a chill and this is were things get tense

“You all feel your bodies freeze, like your muscles are refusing to move. You watch as the sky above you shatter like glass, leaving a inky black void of nothing, screams of tormented souls echo loudly and out from the space four long tendrils extend out follows by a pair of disfigured baboon heads.” It was the Demogorgon, he’d coming for his prize.

“What a beautiful night, don’t you think? This is why I love this land, the weather is so peaceful.” I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting him to be so sophisticated and if anyone is wondering his voice was very much like Aaravos from The Dragon Prince calm and soft but commanding “Oh, where are my manners.” We all unfreeze I think him that was his way of showing the difference in power. Something that frankly after shattering the sky felt like overkill, but hey if you got unmatched demonic powers your gonna fell a bit.

Fighter stepped forward “I’ll take it your here for me?”

“Look where you stand, the terms of our deal have been fulfilled.”

Turns out, to save Bard, Fighter called on an ancient and forbidden power, The Pact. And the freaking king of the demons answered! In exchange for Bard’s life Fighter had to give over her soul to Demogorogon, when she “stood on a star.” And now we stood on a large tile portrait of a star, very much like Olgierd Von Everec and Gaunter O’Dimm however this story had a far better ending.

Barbarian and myself where quick to jump to defend our friend, axes and whips at the ready, we knew we didn’t stand a chance against him but our thought was we could at least hold him off for like 3 seconds. But Fighter stepped forward and said “Everything is under control.” Our hearts are racing at this point, like when Fjord almost killed himself to be free of Uk’otoa or Jester almost losing her hands to The Hag. We kept giving each other looks like “What the hell can we do?!” When at that moment the greatest moment in D&D happened “Your right, expect the deal hasn’t been fulfilled, because I’m not standing on a star.” Everyone and DM included looked at each other like what the flying fish is she talking about? “I’m standing on rocks.” I wanted to give her an applause she played the long game and was killing it, DM got the biggest grin across his face I think he knew all along she would try something like this but didn’t stop or change anything cause he wanted to see how this would play out, but instantly went back into Demogorogon mode who was rightfully livid, Demogorogon snapped in tendrils and Fighter’s boots disappeared, however she still smiling said “Looks like someone forgot the terms of the deal. You weren’t allowed to alter my me in anyway and taking my boots off is altering.” I’m on the verge of screaming, this is getting so amazing!

In a flash Demogorogon starts to be sucked back into Hell, for violating the terms of his contract he would be punished though he took it like a champ, even congratulating Fighter on tricking him. Moral of the story, brains can trump brawn sometimes.

Thanks for reading, have a great day/night where you all bye! 🙂


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