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Deconstructing the Story of Your Life

A very interesting article on Aeon this week about “The Dangerous Idea that Your Life Is a Story.” Written by Galen Strawson, the article questions the assumption that humans do (or even should) frame their lives in the trajectory of a plot line. Strawson surveys the very popular history of this idea in psychology, called Narrativism, and […]

Leonard Cohen and the Glory Story Bumper Sticker Reflex Part II

Theology Of The Cross In Pastoral Ministry Time and again, Cohen’s lyrics have become, for me, a kind of soundtrack for sobering life moments. And in light of recent pastoral volunteerism—while I continue to ponder the Olympiad Triumph Of The Human Spirit Festivities—I’m hearing “Hallelujah” lyric snippets afresh again. The church where I serve as […]

Leonard Cohen And The Glory Story Bumper Sticker Reflex Part I

Not A Marble Arch Or Victory March I’m a little slow on the draw on this one but anyone else see the Olympics opening ceremonies? KD Lang sang a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (a song popularized by Jeff Buckley). I know I’m over-thinking it, but to me, this moment was a perfect example of […]


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