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Feels said:

Ah, glory holes. America’s favorite truck stop pastime. I’m sure many of you that are not confident in your looks or low on cash but want some action have been to these from time to time. You never know what’s on the other side either, it’s a


. It’s like that cafeteria food at school with the nasty burgers and the pizza that was 3 shades of orange with mystery meat toppings. Those were the days.

Anyway I’d like to share my own personal glory hole story with you all and ask that you do the same.

A few weeks back me and my buddies were having a pretty chill night at my house. It’s around 10 pm and I decide I’m going to bed. I’ve had a few drinks but nothing crazy. My other friend was, at that very moment,browsing tinder. I must have been sleeping 30 minutes before he starts banging on my door saying he met some girl online that had 3 friends and wants to party. I’m hesitant at first but I eventually cave in. I make sure to grab my supply of toothpaste and peanut butter.

So this place is like 45 minutes away but it’s whatever. We get like 10 minutes out and call her for final directions. She now changes her story. It’s only 2 girls (there are 4 of us). We still go. It’s now a competition. Fuck it.


pull up to the anime goods store that was listed and make one more phone call. The story changes again. Now we have to go in one at a time and be REALLY quiet… Well we’re all idiots so we accept. We pick the weakest of the group and sen him in.

10 minutes go by and I’m convinced he’s Been raped and killed. Right before I run in a burn the bitch down I see him come out. He gets in the car and says “I-I don’t know w-what just happened, s-senpai.”

“oh god he’s been turned into a complete weeb” I think to myself.

I’m next. I walk in not knowing what to expect. I end up in a restroom and see a shower curtain that’s been blacked out and has a hole in it. A voice beckons me to insert my genitals into the hole and I’m hesitant at first. I had heard stories about this kind of thing before. I instead pulled my tube of toothpaste out of my pocket and squeezed as hard as I could into the hole and ran away. My friends saw me frantically running away and all ran for the car and we bolted away and vowed never to speak of that night ever again.


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