His Glory in Our Story: Genesis



Bio: There are many things about Christianity that are so arrestingly beautiful…a God who came to die for His people, for example, that I have never been able to move away from a love for Jesus. However, I had a number of years when many parts of the Bible were terribly confusing, even angering to me. How could God tell Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? How could God command the Israelites to commit genocide against the Canaanites? At times I used these questions as a reason to walk away from the faith entirely. Then

I had the privilege of going to a university with scholars who understood God’s story. They helped me see His goodness and justice as he has worked over thousands of years to reach a dark, fallen, sinful race of humans with His plan of salvation. My deep desire is to give others a chance to see God’s glory in His story…the story that is our story…as well.

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Enjoying the deep beauty of God’s plan one story at a time


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