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Actress Sam Sorbo Teaching Us

A Window Into the Supernatural

Deplorable Choir Live Music

Dr. Etienne M. Graves Jr.

Greg Hallett King John the Third

Interview James Bradley for Congress CA 33

Jim Stockstill Founder of National War Council

Mac Bear & Cheese, Simple As A Child

Slaying the prophets of baal

Rise Up in Light

Em That Smell

Dominos Falling

Getting HOT

Angels on Covert Assignment

Rats in a Cage

Giddy Up

Report Hammer

Down Goes Frazier

Report Lands to Public

Buckle Phase Begins

Rush to Plead Guilty

War on Religion

Watch the Sky

Buckle Up

Border Watch

May Flowers

Cooked in the Squat

Ducks in a Row

Eyes on the Border

Changing the Law and Time

Bombshell NYPD

Fire It Is Burning

Pray Today and Always

Prophetic Word Buckle Up

Barr Chains

Fire in the Hole

Watch the Skies

War in Courts and World

Rockets Ready

Oil Wells

Put Tray’s in Upright Position

Rut Roh

These People Are Sick

Boom Week

It Is Getting Deeper

Booms Starting

Cleared for Flight


Barr Hammer

War Drums

Stand in the Gap

Boiling Point

Ready for Launch

Changing of the Media

Air Water Food

Spirit of Jezebel is Desperate and Dangerous

Military in Charge

It Has Begun

Stay Alert Peak Time

Angels Lifting the Veil

Black Hat 8

It Is Time

Birds in the Air

Wake Up America

Media Boomerang

Winds of Change are Moving

Justice Coming

Shalom His Glory

Stage is Set 9/23/19

Buckle Up 9/26/19

It on War 10/1/19

Prepare for Worse Pray for Best 10/6/19

Take 5 Prayers 10/10/19


Mini Pain Coming 10/20/19

Moves and Counter Moves


Snakes 11/4/19


Q Post 7

On the Edge

It’s Time


The Pawn Has Been Played

Wildcard 12/8/19

MSM Died

Giddy Up 12/16/19

Part 2 We the People

Prophetic Word

Wildcard 12/29/19

Light Wins 1/2/20

Take Off

Wildcard 1/19/20

It’s On

Wildcard 1/26/20

Part 3

Super Bowl Sunday

It’s On



Leaking Begins


Deep Breaths

You’re Killing Me

March Begins

Shaking Going On

Purim Gallows

March Madness

National Day of Prayer

Prophetic Word 3/18/20

Wildcard 3/22/20

We are in Day 10

Smell the Storm

April Fools

It Is On


Out of the Shadows

We the People

Indictments Coming


Light on Flynn

General Flynn Bombshell

Bad Oreos

A Bunch of Friends

America Says Enough

Anti DO NOT Trust

It’s WAR

Mike Smith Out of the Shadows

Buckle Up!

Trouble on Thursday

Deplorable Choir Live Interview

Plant the Flag

Falling Away

Stand Church

Q&A 6/26/20

Bang Your Head

Gene the Decoder 7/3/20

Release Prisoners, Riot, Defund Police

Unjust Judge

When Will These Things Happen?

Truth Stone

Craig Sawman Sawyer Interview Contraband

Prophetic Word America & Jonah Ritter on Prophet Jonah

Tick Tok

Do Not Fear

C’mon Man

Hebrew Festivals Watch Part 1

Protect Us Lord Part 1

Q Answered

God Bless America, God Bless Israel

Our Republic Stands

Blow the Shofar

Play Ball

Roshe Roshe Roshe Blow the Shofar

Call to Arms

Jonah Ritter Sukkoth

Wildcard 10/7/20

Benghazi Ain’t Over

Amanda Grace Promo

Anna Khait Benghazi and Seal

Team 6

Avalanche Coming

Jim Stockstill

7 Days

Jim Stockstill

How to Turn a Nation to Socialism

Amanda Grace Prophetic Word General Flynn

Cats in the Grave

Denise Edwards – Will he find Faith?

Unmasking coming Prophetic Word

Black to Light Friday

It is on like Donkey Kong Wild card

The LORD Avenger of HIS People

Clay Clark Thrivetime Show Boom

Hang On

Deep Fakes

Bizzaro World 1/27/21

Rachel Hamm

From Western Journal with His Glory Family! 2/15/21

Recap Arizona Trip, Esther Moment 2/22/21

General McInerney and Anna Khait Interview 3/2/21

His Glory News 3/9/21

Clay Clark, Freedom Conference 3/11/21

Shofar Showdown With Clay Clark 3/18/21

Monica Matthews Interview 3/18/21

Fake Fake Fake 2/24/21

Clay Clark Unleashed 2/23/21

Live From Bethlehem Store With Khader 3/26/21

Special Guest Bo Polny 3/29/21

Justen Overlander Assistant Producer – The Chosen 4/1/21

Ricky Skaggs Prophets And Patriots 4/6/21

Pastor Phil Of Influence Church, Part 2 4/6/21

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author for the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series & his wife Crystal Hansen 4/13/21

News & Updates 4/19/21

Clay Clark Re Open America 4/25/21

Daniel Gomez 4/29/21

Pastor Phil One World Government Series Part 3 5/3/21

News and updates, May 6th 2021 5/6/21

Alejandra Bistrian Personal Testimony & Her Love For Israel 5/7/21

Darin Smith Running for Congress against Liz Cheney in Wyoming 5/12/21

Pastor Phil One World Government Part 5 5/17/21

News and Updates, 5/19/21

Dr Sherwood Progress Update 5/20/21

Testimony with Bert Lynch 5/25/21

Mom Fighting To Stop Masking Kids, Hannah Petersen 5/28/21

June 2 News and Updates 6/2/21

Bo Polny 6/4/21

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