History of Gloria’s Cleaning


Gloria’s Cleaning is locally owned and has been cleaning homes and offices since 1997.We are presently servicing North Virginia as well as Washington, D.C. and some areas in MD.

A steady growing list of regular customers have used Gloria’s Cleaning service over years because of its commitment to quality and dependability. Gloria’s Cleaning approach means every home is cleaned meticulously and thorough at a competitive price. Not all Cleaning Companies can help you with the laundry, WE CAN!!!

The body and soul of Gloria’s Cleaning is GLORIA! We are a very small but very trustworthy company. Your house will always be serviced by Gloria herself and sometimes, if the job is more than a handful, her team (no more than two people). So you can always be sure that Gloria is personally taking care

of your home, not a different team of maids every time.

Gloria’s Cleaning isn’t just a once over, either. Nooks and corners get the full treatment too, so when the team is done your home is not just clean it’s immaculate. We use the best products available.

We are proud of the long lasting relationships we’ve established with our customers, averaging 7 to 15 years together. We also have an outstanding employment history. Never been fired! Our customers are busy professionals- lawyers, doctors, government employees and military- with or without children, cats or dogs. We build a special relationship with every family member. Not to toot our own horn, but our record is flawless › check out our Testimonials page.


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