History | Schilthorn – Piz Gloria


Various projects to build a railway to the Schilthorn existed as far back as the late 19th century. The peak was already famous among climbers as an exceptionally beautiful vantage point, but the geology of the mountain did not lend itself to the building of a railway.

During the following decades, several more projects for making the Schilthorn accessible to tourists were presented.

Only in the early 1960’s, the aerial cable-car industry had made enough progress to tackle such a demanding project.

Under the leadership of Ernst Feuz from Mürren, a determined group of pioneers finally overcame the considerable financial and technical difficulties, and in 1967 the

Schilthorn summit was finally made accessible to the general public. Most people would have been more than satisfied with the achievement of constructing the world’s longest aerial cableway, with all the problems posed in building at that high altitude. But Ernst Feuz was not like most people, he wanted more! He dreamed of creating a unique experience for all visitors, enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

So he developed the revolutionary idea of building the world’s first revolving restaurant at 3000 m altitude. Of course, everyone thought he was mad! But he realised his dream – and that is where James Bond made his entrance!


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