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  What is an IP Address?

Ip Address (Internet Protocol address) is as your telephone number.
It uniquely identifies every host on a network. Just as your mailing
address uniquely identifies your home, an IP address uniquely identifies a host.
With our IP locator tool you can track, trace and locate IP address.


The Domain Name System (DNS)
The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services in the InterNet.
It makes possible to associate Internet addresses host names with ip address, and

The DNS is a hierarchical data base distributed world-wide on thousands
of servers, which administers the name area of the Internets.
Mainly the DNS is used for the conversion by Domainnamen in IP addresses (forward lookup).

The DNS offers thus a simplification, because humans can note names by far better than number columns.
ipaddresslocation.org is easily to remember than appropiate IP address




The geographical location of the host as identified by the IP address.
Or its IP location can be successfully tracked, traced and located using specially designed
tools called IP locator.

IP database used by our IP IP locator is updated every 48 hours with very high accuracy percentage.
It cover

more than 98% IP addresses on country level and more than 87% IP addresses
on city level (radius within 50km of traced IP city).

IPv4 vs IPv6

Currently IP location lookup tool from IPaddresslocation.org support locating only IPv4 address
and domains because IPv6 is still very limited worldwide deployment.

Once IPv6 becomes more widely deployed, we will update our IP tools to use it.

With our advanced IP address locator tool you should be able to find out
very easily not only what is your IP address but also track, trace,
locate and find IP location of any other domain and IP address on the Net.

Unlike most other sites our IP address locator is free and we do not set any limits
on numbers of IP lookup used by our tracer to locate IP address.

Lookup IP Addresses and Domains with IP Locator

Enter an IP Address number or Domain name into our IP lookup tool
to lookup, locate, track, trace and find out what is your
IP address and to determine, show and find IP Address location.


Example: facebook.com (For Domain Lookup) or (For IP Lookup)





Whois IP Lookup

IP Address: Hostname: vmi476991.contaboserver.net

IP Country: Germany

IP Country Code: DEU
IP Continent: Europe
IP Region: Nordrhein-Westfalen
IP City: Dusseldorf
IP Latitude: 51.1809
IP Longitude: 6.8598
Organization: Contabo GmbH
ISP Provider: Contabo GmbH

Please note that if city is not detected IP Locator will point to your country.


Tracking, tracing percentage and accuracy from our free IP Address Locator tool comparing with another IP lookup tools
on the Net is very high.
However we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of our IP database and our IP Address Lookup tool.

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