Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, And Kim Sung Ryung Start A War Of Ambition In New Drama “Kill Heel”


tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Kill Heel” has released a special poster!

“Kill Heel” is a drama about the fierce battle and endless ambition of three women in the world of home shopping networks, whose greed only increases the higher they rise. Kim Ha Neul stars as Woo Hyun, who strives to escape her stagnant life by becoming the top show host for UNI Home Shopping. Lee Hye Young stars as Mo Ran, a woman who climbed from her humble beginnings as a clerk to the top as the vice president of UNI Home Shopping. Kim Sung Ryung stars as Ok Sun, a show host at UNI Home Shopping who seems to have the perfect life, from her famous politician husband to her adorable son.

The special poster continues the same color scheme introduced in previous posters

for the drama: Kim Ha Neul in red, Lee Hye Young in blue, and Kim Sung Ryung in yellow. Kim Ha Neul stands in front of the camera and her face shows both her confidence and her desperation to rise to the top. Kim Sung Ryung sits in front of a dressing room mirror and it’s not clear if she’s looking at her own reflection or a threat approaching from behind her. Lee Hye Young stares directly with an unreadable expression at the viewer as she prepares to launch “her final plan.”

The poster’s caption reads, “The three women’s war of desire.”

“Kill Heel” premieres on February 23 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

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