Kimberly Warmsley, Gloria Allen compete for Stockton City Council


Cassie Dickman
| The Record

Gloria Allen

Highest level of education: completion of the California School Board Association’s Master’s in Governance training program.

Occupation: Community liaison for Lodi Unified School District.

Political experience: Stockton Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Political affiliation: Democrat.

Money raised: $2,425.

Biggest donors: Non-monetary donations from business manager/consultant Xochitl S. Padres for general administration and bookkeeping; monetary contributions from self-employed individual Daljit Gill of Stockton.

Question: Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

Answer: I have the experience and I have the knowledge. I have the knowledge and experience of serving on the Stockton Unified School District Board for eight years, served as president twice. So, I think I have the experience and the reputation to, represent the citizens of Stockton.

If I’m elected, I wouldn’t have to get on the council and learn on the job. I think I have the knowledge to know how our governance works in big business, like a city. I have that experience and I’ve been in business. I worked for Safeway 20 years. I managed $6 and $7 million categories for them, so I know how budgets go and how that works. Plus that, I’ve worked with Stockton Unified in balancing their budget when times were very difficult.

I wouldn’t have to learn on the job. That takes time. I know that I’m only one vote and I have to be very cognizant of being able to persuade others to agree with me. I have to be a team player and we have to be a professional. I don’t get any money from any special interests, so I’m not beholden to anybody.

Kimberly Warmsley

Highest level of education: Master’s degree in social work from California State University, Stanislaus.

Occupation: Licensed clinical therapist.

Political experience: None.

Political affiliation: Democrat.

Money raised: $49,900.91.

Biggest donors: Services Employees International Union Local (SEIU); AT&T, Inc technician Jerome Clay

Jr., Harry S. Truman of Stockton Committee.

Question: Why should voters choose you over your opponent?

Answer: First and foremost, our district has been marginalized and unincorporated for a very, very long time. While my opponent may have some experience with (school board, what this race comes down to is what is going to benefit the district at a city level, which means development, infrastructure, resources, business development, housing and all of the many of these things I have learned as a planning commissioner for the city of Stockton, as the chair of the planning commission for the city of Stockton and as a steward in our community.

This district needs innovation, forward thinking, fast thinkers and someone who’s going to be able to get on the job day one. I’m not going to have to be educated about what has been done or what is being done, because I already know what’s going on in the district. So, I think that those skill sets alone makes me the more viable candidate.

I also feel like my experience in working as a trauma specialist in the emergency department has taught me to be quick on my feet, a quick thinker, a collaborator. And I have the ability to be the alliance builder between the state level, county level and federal level in terms of government.


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