My Story, For God’s Glory: April 2016


Sawadikaa (this means hello in Thai) friends and family!

It is crazy that it is almost May! This month of April has been jam packed with so many different experiences and new places! I am so excited to share with you some of the highlights! 

After the Hill tribes we stayed at a church in Chiangmai called City Gate Church! We stayed there about two and a half weeks! We got to share testimonies on Sunday’s, share our sign dance, and help keep the church clean! 

One of the day’s a group of us went to a main hospital in Chiangmai! We got to sing, perform skits, and simply just make the kids laugh! Lots of the kids were suffering from cancer or other life threatening diseases! Most people in Thailand are Buddhist so they believe that that person must have done horrible things in their past life to deserve being so sick! It was so sad to see all these kids and families seem hopeless! You could feel the heaviness in each room, so it was a true joy to make them smile and laugh!

We also had the privilege of leading out an extended weekend camp for the kids in the church as well as some hill tribe children! My teammate Juliane and I taught the younger children about the fruits of the spirit! It was such a fun week! The kids were so fun to get to know and you could just tell how eager they were to learn more about God! 

These past two and a half weeks we have been in Phang Nga, Thailand in an orphanage with about 14 kids! We have been running a soccer camp for them but have also had lessons about being united in the Spirit, what it means to be family/part of the body of Christ, and how to have faith in God, one another, as well as ourselves! I have definitely found a new appreciation for what teachers go through on a daily basis! I only had to plan two lessons and to be honest I was pretty exhausted haha! It was so fun and rewarding though to see the kids be engaged in each lesson and really have a fun time learning new things each day! Their laughter was honestly one of my favorite parts! 

We did lots of arts and crafts to keep the kids engaged!

The whole crew!

These kids were soccer super stars!!

Being a super hero was just an added bonus this week!

We performed a variety of skits! This one was about not finding satisfaction in earthly things but

in God alone!

Some extra adventures we went on on our off days were also pretty spectacular!

We got to see an elephant show and ride elephants one day!!

We had a fair share of exploring night and day markets!

The guys on our team made us mango sticky rice and handwritten cards just because, one evening! It was very sweet (both taste and the jester)! 

I have had many coffee dates with Jesus! We have been living under a coffee shop so the temptation to get coffee has been real! I have loved my time spent here as well as getting to know the friendly staff here! Every time I order I alway got a Carmel Frappe! The staff here know it as “Megan’s usual” haha! 

We got to take the kids to the beach a few times! It has been so nice to be back by the water! One night we went “crabbing” which consisted of kids running like crazy tackling crabs so that we could eat them for lunch haha! The other times we went to the beach we played beach volleyball, soccer, and the kids swam! 

Unfortunately I also got to spend a fair amount of time at the doctor this past month! I have had a really bad ear infection that has been lingering since the beginning of the month! I haven’t been able to hear out of that ear and have experienced quite a bit of pain! However! God has been so faithful and I’ve realized because I have had this ear infection it has caused me to relax and take it easy a bit more! That’s part of the reason I’ve been able to have a lot of coffee dates with Jesus, which I have cherished that time so much! 

Prayer requests:

My ear infection is gone(praise God!) however I still am unable to hear and still have pain every once in awhile! Please pray that God would completely heal me 100%! 

Please pray for my team and me because we leave for Naga, Philippines this Thursday!!! Yay!! 🙂 

Please pray that we move forward united, pray that we would all be healthy as we have a long day day of travel, and pray that we have an awesome last month of outreach!!

Thank you again for all of your support and prayers!! 

Stay tuned for what the month of May will bring! 🙂 

To God All Praise and Glory, 



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