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In October of 2010, my senior year at Agnes Scott College, I decided to do the big chop and finally see what the natural hair God gave me looked like. Ever since I was six I had nothing but chemically relaxed hair atop my head. This is my story and my journey that I have decided to document over the next few years as my hair continues to grow out. I wanted to document this to see what my hair does at different lengths and to see how it transforms… Here is my story and I hope that my journey can help others.

My hair type: 4b/4c(?)


In these pictures I used Eco styler Gel to capture my curls. This gel can leave

your hair crunchyDSCF8327

  According to the Naturallycurly website, my particular curl pattern is 4b or Coily Springy.  My hair looked like the pictures above after a wash and go (after adding a plethora of leave in conditioners) My hair needs moisture!

My hair has a super high density, meaning there is a whole-lot-a hair per square inch. The texture is soft like cotton and yarn and  is very thick.

Check out to figure out what your curl pattern is if you haven’t already. It’s very helpful or at least it was for me! Embrace the hair God gave you! He thought it was GOOD when he gave it to you!


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