No Story No Glory – Josh’s Truth


The best of men that have lived and those that are yet alive cannot celebrate their glory without mentioning the preceding story. The glory is what we often see but it is the story that helps us know how they become so great. The more twisted a story tells, the greater the man of glory. Desiring greatness and running away from building stories clarifies that you are on your way to being the greatest failure ever.

The greatest men have the roughest stories to tell. Thomas Edison tried for one thousand times before he could achieve the light bulb we are using today; and because of his persistence the same discovery have be improved with time. His story is one of the most inspiring there is to tell; imagine you

staying on one project for one thousand times. You spend a lot of resources, time energy and even enjoy some free load of mockery along the way, yet you keep on. Thomas Edison remains a name that will resound across generations because all he pulled through the terrible story.

As you begin or continue your journey to glory, don’t even think about quitting. There is no prize for those who quit neither is there any reward for efforts; it is your results that make people celebrate you. No matter how narrow, rickety, thorny or rough the story may be, don’t give up just yet because the corresponding glory is just around you. Stay on and the glory story will transcend generations unborn.


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