Oasis – Morning Glory Lyrics

“Morning Glory” was released as the third single off (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? September 15th, 1995. In 2006, it was included in the “Best Of”-compilation Stop The Clocks.

The song is simply about waking up, and not wanting to immediately get out of bed – but upon sniffing cocaine, and listening to music whilst walking in the fresh air (possibly on the way to school/work) feeling euphoric and able to take on the world. There is an implicit

acknowledgement that drugs and music can make the everyday tedium of life feel better, even if actually there is no evidence that its ever going to improve. Critics universally agree that whilst Oasis’ first album was full of bravado and feeling that life owes you something better than the average, their second album has more melancholy themes of life never getting better, but being able to change your experience by re-aligning your attitudes.


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