Oasis – What's the Story Morning Glory? [Audiophile SACD 5.1 Downmix]


WTSMG downmixed for maximum dynamics, clarity, and detail. This mastering uncovers most of the detail normally hidden in the mix, such as radio chatter, Noel’s vocals, and wobbly guitars. Drums are mastered to stand out.

Mastered from my personal surround-sound single-layer SACD. The mastering had been done from scratch without using the official mixes as a reference to emphasize the details the listener might find curious. This project is intended to be a creative counter-statement commentary on the mastering practices of Oasis, and no copyright infringement is intended. Ads are disabled on my channel and any that show up hopefully go to the artist pockets.

0:00 Hello
3:23 Roll With It
7:25 Wonderwall
11:45 Don’t Look Back In Anger
16:33 Hey Now!
22:14 Untitled
22:55 Some Might Say
28:23 Cast No Shadow
33:17 She’s Electric
36:59 Morning Glory
41:57 Untitled
42:35 Champagne Supernova

To all those wondering how the 5.1 SACD is mastered, here is a quick rundown:
Front L/R: nice flat, fat and compressed sausage of sound that is missing some elements, like

echo and some guitar solos.
Front Centre: Vocals and an odd guitar
Rear L/R: extremely dynamic, compared to the front. All echo and some uncompressed guitars go here.
Subwoofer: It’s just there. Curiously absent from the Untitled tracks.
What we get as the end result is an album that sounds very dynamic and pleasant (almost like a concert, guess that was the idea with this surround mix) to people with:
* SACD equipment
* 5.1 sound system
(hint: it’s not that many people)

I highly encourage (all those who can) to toss FLAC files of the surround mix into Audacity and click through every channel. You’ll be amazed at all the nuisances like crowd noises, sustained guitar solos, radio chatter and echo that got brutally buried alive under layers and layers of wall-to-wall blazing guitars.
Here are some examples of things that exist on the master tape, but are impossible to hear


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