Oasis – What´s The Story Morning Glory? Deluxe (Full Album – Remastered)


“Albums with this level of cultural clout and collective popularity tend to help define the sounds of their era instead of feeling like the product of them.”
– “Wonderwall”, “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Cast No Shadow”, “Champagne Supernova”—these are the songs that legacies are built upon. In truth, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? is a landmark album that needs little introduction, as its legacy has been self-perpetuating as the years have gone by!

All rights to the original owner!

01 Hello
02 Roll With It
03 Wonderwall
04 Don’t Look Back in Anger
05 Hey Now
06 Untitled (Version 1)
07 Some Might Say
08 Cast No Shadow
09 She’s Electric
10 Morning Glory
11 Untitled (Version 2)
12 Champagne Supernova

13 Talk Tonight
14 Acquiesce
15 Headshrinker
16 It’s Better People

Rockin’ Chair
18 Step Out
19 Underneath the Sky
20 Cum On Feel the Noize
21 Round Are Way
22 The Swamp Song
23 The Masterplan
24 Bonehead’s Bank Holiday
25 Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)
26 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
27 Acquiesce (Live At Earls Court)
28 Some Might Say (Demo)
29 Some Might Say (Live at Roskilde)
30 She’s Electric (Demo)
31 Talk Tonight (Live At Bath Pavilion)
32 Rockin’ Chair (Demo)
33 Hello (Live At Roskilde)
34 Roll With It (Live At Roskilde)
35 Morning Glory (Live At Roskilde)
36 Hey Now (Demo)
37 Bonehead’s Bank Holiday (Demo)
38 Round Are Way (MTV Unplugged)
39 Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road)
40 The Masterplan (Live At Knebworth Park)

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