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All of us have stories to tell – This is the place to acknowledge where Mary worked in your life, perhaps even before you consecrate. That’s what happened to us. Amy and I (Suzanne) were in the middle of the 33 Days to Morning Glory preparation to consecration, (Amy’s 3rd time doing the 33 days in 6 months) when we realized Mary had been working in our lives; even before Amy read the 1st reading of St. Louis de Montfort’s “Preparation to Total Consecration to Mary.” How did we

know it was Mary? We didn’t when it happened because we weren’t tuned in to seeing things in that light, but looking back we realized several things occurred on the Marian Feast days starting with the 2 Amy had done the preparation for, even though she did not actually consecrate herself those first 2 times. Then we noticed several important things occurred on other Marian Feast days as well. Who knew there were so many Marian feast days!

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