‘ON TO BETTER GLORIES’: Don Cherry returns with ‘Don Cherry’s Grapevine Podcast’


Don Cherry is back.

This time, Cherry has created a podcast called “Don Cherry’s Grapevine Podcast” with his son, Tim Cherry, as co-host.

The first episode dropped Tuesday and addressed Sportnet’s firing of Cherry, Maurice Rocket Richard and more.

“This is our very first Don Cherry’s grapevine podcast,” Don says, introducing his co-host.

“Everybody wants to know your version of what happened,” Tim says, asking his father to explain his perspective on how the firing was handled.

“Well you heard Ron’s version, he’s still a friend, I’m still a little disappointed, I won’t go any further than that,” Don says.

“What happened was evidently I said something, and everybody knows what I said and I offered to explain and I guess not an apology, but I was going to smooth it over and they made conditions that made it impossible for me to do it.”

He also addresses his comments about “milk and honey.”

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, young men died over there for our way of life and we do our way of life and we love milk and honey, yes I used the word milk and honey, because that’s what we have.”

“We have the best country in the world. I still believe everybody should wear a poppy and evidently, I said something that upset Sportsnet and they canned me and I’m now unemployed except for doing this beautiful podcast.”

Reaction to the former Hockey Night in Canada analyst’s firing has been mixed but Tim asked his father what kind of support people have shown him in the aftermath of the decision.

“I don’t want to get them in trouble, but a lot of guys phoned

me, a lot of hockey players phoned me, a lot of general managers phoned me, a lot of people from the service left a message,” Don said. “The way I feel about it, the policemen are with me, the servicemen are with me, the armed forces are with me, and the firemen are with me. They’re pretty good guys to have in your corner.”

He goes on to explain his frustrations with the people failing to recognize the other things he said on his last Coach’s Corner, including the death of two young boys from Nova Scotia and Labrador, Max Domi’s new book about living with diabetes as a professional athlete, and his support for the Brampton Beast.

“Nothing was mentioned about that, nothing. Just two little words seemed to set everybody off. But, hey that’s the way life is, I lived in a vicious world, and I lasted 38 years, happy to be there for 38 years and if I have to go I’m glad I’m going out on my shield.

“On to better glories. One door closes, another door opens up.”

The podcast is being marketed as a “longer Coach’s Corner” that won’t be subject to time restrictions.

The Toronto Sun reported the new project may grow into a TV-style show with sponsors — reminiscent of the hockey commentator’s ’80s television show The Grapevine.

DC’s Grapevine podcast is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify.


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