Our Story


The idea for Glora Sandals was born out of one creative girl’s passion for fashion and design. When her talent and eye for detail was noticed by a friend of hers, together they started a brand out of nothing but hard work and desire to share their ideas with the world.


What helped us rise to the top so quickly was the originality of our products – handmade Avarca sandals. In the sea of similar shoes and sandals, we attempted to present a fashionable piece that would contribute to Australian fashion with a fiery Spanish vibe.

Though our roots were humble, we never let that reflect on the quality of our footwear. Gloria Sandals always utilised only top quality materials to make shoes that would be characterised as comfortable, practical and beautiful – something every woman

looks for in a pair of sandals, but rarely manages to find one.

With Gloria Sandals, you don’t have to settle – we offer unmatched combination of style and comfort!


Avarca are traditional sandals which first appeared in Menorca, Spain. The materials that were originally used were recycled car tyre for the sole, while the rest of the sandal was made from leather.

Traditionally they were found in neutral colors, but at Gloria Sandals they come in every colour and style.

Whichever you choose to complement your character, you know you can expect our authentic Avarca sandal to grace your feet for years to come.

Browse Gloria Sandals product offer to find a pair of Avarca Sandals that suit your taste in fashion and blend with your individual style.


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