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God’s Glory™ Bible was inspired during a supper among friends one summer evening in 2008.

While enjoying good food and catching up, two friends since seventh grade began talking about creating a patriotic and inspirational Bible that could be shared with every American. Ideas were flying, napkins were being used as sheets of drafting paper, Vacation Bible School teachings were being spouted faster than either of them could get them out of their mouths, others at the table were wondering what was going on, and by the end of the meal, the two had made a pact to create God’s Glory™ Bible.

After that night, the work

started. Not only to create the Flag of Our Faith®, but to challenge Americans to share goodness across our great land.

Over the years the dream has been developed through innumerable telephone calls, emails, meetings, mistakes, corrections, dollars, and many other routine day-to-day activities it has taken to get God’s Glory™ Bible to this point.

Along the way, everyone who has heard them talk and seen the idea have encouraged the project – as an inspiration for Americans everywhere to show their patriotism and to share goodness.

Now, God’s Glory™ Bible is available for every American patriot.


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