Poetry – my story, His glory


heart to heart

heart to heart, eye to eye

voice of God i’m asking why, 

what do You see,

that’s so invisible to me? 

heart to heart, eye to eye 

i wanna see what You see and learn exactly why,

why You’d pick a broken heart

to shine in a world that’s torn apart 

eye to eye, heart to heart

God i think it’s time i start

asking, listening, speaking without fear. 

show me what You see

that’s been so invisible to me. 

i wanna know, i need to see

so that i can be everything that You’d have me to be

and fulfill the plans You’ve made for me. 

heart to heart, eye to eye

spirit of God, show me why

good thingssunshine after a cloudy day

the rainbow after heavy rains

glistening snow after winter’s first storm

warm hugs when you’re welcomed home after being gone for too long

sweet dreams after a long days work

good things come to those who wait

the well

God i’ll meet You at the well

a place of strength, a place of healing, 

where i can really rest and life re-finds its meaning. 

God i’ll meet You at the well

to tell about the adventures of today 

and listen to You whisper and show me the way. 

God i’ll meet You at the well

where i’ll find forgiveness hope and love

and i’ll rest in the arms of

my Father from above. 

God i’ll meet You at the well

and i’ll listen for Your voice speaking what’s true

i’ll smile and laugh and cry as You show me Your point of view

God i’ll meet You at the well

and i hope You’ll meet me too

because i don’t wanna be there, unless i’m there with You. 

His protection over me

sometimes i feel the pain, 

but no one knows how many times He’s held back the rain

even when He grants permission for satan to test my ways,

God doesn’t let go, He holds on to me everyday. 

i won’t be given more than i can take, 

although i’ll always have to trust Him to make 

it through. 

Christ holds my hand and when i fall in the mud He’ll wash me white and new. 


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