Reader’s Theater Scripts and Plays for the Classroom


Reader’s Theater Scripts
and Plays

Readers Theater is a
dramatic presentation of a written work in a script
form.  Readers read from a “script” and
reading parts are divided among the readers. No
memorization, costumes, blocking, or special lighting is
needed. Presentations can easily be done in a k-3
classroom.  Scripts are held by the readers. Lines
are not memorized. The focus is on reading the text with
expressive voices and gestures. Making comprehending the
text meaningful and fun for the student! Once you start
Reader’s Theater in your

classroom you and your students
will be loving it!!!

“Reader’s Theater
proved to be almost a magic solution for Griffith: In
just 10 weeks of using RT, every child in her class had
gained a full grade level in reading. After a year, the
children’s gains had jumped to three years of growth.
Griffith calls the transformation in their reading
fluency totally remarkable.” Quote taken from The
Power of Reader’s Theater, Scholastic Instructor

Update – July 08

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