Restore American Glory » CNN’s Handling of “Anonymous” Was a Far Cry From Biden Laptop Story


Well, well, well. Mr. Anonymous himself came out to the world this week, finally pulling back the big mystery behind the Trump administration official who wrote the infamous 2018 New York Times column, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” and a book about his Resistance called “A Warning” several months later.

We now know that the fabled “hero” is named Miles Taylor, and he’s a former official with the Department of Homeland Security. We also know that he’s a Biden supporter, a member of several NeverTrump organizations, and, yes, he’s a paid contributor for Anti-Trump central, CNN.

After Taylor outed himself, CNN anchor Jake Tapper assured the country that the network “did not know this until today.”

So, in other words, CNN had no inside knowledge at all about Anonymous until Taylor finally came clean. Meaning: They didn’t have any way of knowing whether or not his claims had any validity whatsoever. How did they know that Anonymous even worked for the Trump administration, much less that he was part of some secretive Republican “Resistance” inside the gates of the White House?

Indeed, as it turns out, Taylor was lying about at least some of his resume. After all, he was introduced to us by The New York Times as a “senior” Trump administration official who we were to believe worked closely with the president. And

CNN had absolutely no problem delivering this news to the American people.

“Senior White House officials were certain Vice President Mike Pence would back an effort to have President Donald Trump removed from office over concerns about his mental state, the ‘Anonymous’ administration official plans to claim in their forthcoming book, a source close to the book process confirms to CNN’s Jake Tapper,” they reported in 2019.

Look, we have absolutely no problem with this report. We have no problem with it because CNN didn’t go the step further and claim that they had inside knowledge about Anonymous’s credentials or anything to add about the validity of what he was claiming. A guy was making accusations and claims, and CNN reported it as such. That’s the news.

So why is it that when the Hunter Biden laptop story came out courtesy of the New York Post, CNN turned tail and ran in the other direction? Why was it only when there was bad BIDEN news did the network decide it could not run with unverified stories? Isn’t that strange? Where was all of this journalistic integrity two years ago?

The real Resistance isn’t “inside the Trump administration.” It’s in the halls of CNN and the rest of the mainstream media.


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