Rise to Glory! on Steam


“We want to develop “Warriors: Rise to Glory” alongside with our community. For us, our community goes first: we really want to make the best game for you, and the best way to achieve this is having you on board since the very beginning. Your feedback will help us to shape the game, improve its balance, develop new features and, overall, to be a much better game!”

“We in Gavra Games believe in making well polished games. We plan that Warriors: Rise to Glory!” will be on Early Access for about 18 months, if there are no bumps down the road. During that time, we will regularly update the game with new content.”

“What we have right now is the core mechanics of the game, the foundations of Warriors: Rise to Glory!. We will start building from there to make the game grow until we feel that the game has reached its full potential, fulfilling the original vision we had for the game. During this Early Access period, we plan to add more content, such as (but not limited to):

  • Online multiplayer mode

    Play against your friends or other players from all around the world.

  • Advance game mechanics
  • New weapons & armors with special powers
  • Additional languages
  • Balance & Gameplay improvements

And many more cool and funny features requested by our community.”

“In this first Early Access version of Warriors: Rise to glory!, you can play until you reach level 10, fighting in 4 different tournaments where you will have to defeat a final boss in order to win. You can also customize your own warrior with special titles, appearance and

attributes, and you can create your fighting style by building your own Skills set. You can fight different enemies in the arena, choosing between more than 20 weapons and various armor sets, with challenging modes and variety of Power-Ups & traps. If you win, you can choose the fate of your fallen opponents — and with each decision you make, you define the heritage your Bloodline will receive. You can play “Battle Dice”, a mini game where you can earn money and get stronger before combats. And finally, you will Encounter different quests where you will have to make decisions with different consequences.”

“We want to reward those who trust in our game and its potential, so the price of Warriors: Rise to glory will be lower during this Early Access phase. Once all features are implemented and we transition to full release, the price will be increased.”

“The whole point of this Early Access phase is to reach out to the community. The close involvement and valuable feedback that the Steam community can provide is absolutely irreplaceable, and even though we know that we can develop a great game, we are convinced that it wouldn’t be as great as it will be thanks to your contributions. We are here for you, our gamers: we want to know everything you have to tell us about the game — the good, the bad, and the buggy! Keep informing us in the community page about anything that comes to your mind, we will look very closely at every comment and suggestion!”


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