“Snake Oil” Vs. “Glory To God” – Deadline


Today on Celebrity Death Match: COVID-Edition: CNN anchor Anderson Cooper vs. MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell. Check out some of the nearly 20-minute action below.

On Monday, Lindell told CNN that President Donald Trump was “enthusiastic” about an unproven and untested oleander-based therapeutic for coronavirus that he and POTUS discussed in a White House meeting last month. Today, Cooper had Lindell on his primetime show for a sometimes-heated interview. And it was epic.

At one point, a clearly fed-up Cooper talks over Lindell and says, “You really are like a snake-oil salesman.” When Lindell continues, Cooper adds, “You could be in the Old West standing on a box telling people to drink your amazing elixir that there’s no proof –”

At that point, Pillow Guy interrupts and invokes Divine authority, shouting: “I give the glory to God — I do what Jesus

has me do! I give the glory to God!” The men then talk over each other until Cooper relents. Lindell then asks, “Why would I do this? Ask yourself, why would I ruin my reputation if I didn’t believe in this product?”

Cooper counters with, “Money.”

Then he adds, You don’t have a good reputation.” Twice.

Lindell looks unfazed and retorts, “If you say that, I’m gonna pray for you Anderson.”

Cooper then reminds Lindell that the exec “settled for a million dollars with California and you have an F from the Better Business Bureau.”

The exec replies, “Because they destroyed me when I went all-in for this great president!”

And there was lots more — more yelling, more attacks, more deflections, more everything.

Have a look and listen here — in two bursts:



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