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Hi Leanne, hoping you are doing well. There has been atleast 2 ways of thinking that has helped me, and both have been mentioned in Allens book.


Welcome the withdrawal pangs from nicotine as it is the body’s way of cleansing itself of the poison.


He says that it is ok to sometimes think of the smoking, as it was a very big part of our lives for a very long time in many cases.

I use to stress and worry about these during Quitting before and not realizing that it is perfectly normal during the

Quitting process it kept me irritable and yes, more or less miserable. And I have previously double dozed on NRT only because of my fear of those two points of thinking>

I would load up on nicotine with the big patch, 12 x 4mg lozenges and 10 nicotine inhalers Daily! under doctors advice too!

No wonder I failed to Quit and my doctor fled the town.

I only ever needed this forum and the book to Quit and I havent bothered to find another doctor since .

Happy Quitting


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