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One week after the euphoria and the fires and the stampede on Franklin Street, we present a personal ode to Chapel Hill. On the magic of places, and the greater magic of the people in those places.

Words by Dylan Howlett. Illustration by the great Samantha Harrington.

“You saw, atop your friend’s shoulders, a flaming couch at the intersection of Franklin and Columbia and then realized you were sitting among a veritable sea of people, realized that if you jumped off your friend’s shoulders right then, you would have never reached the ground, you would have simply…


“I remembered my mom,

years ahead of the burgeoning Harry Potter curve, first explaining the series to me while I was in first grade, when, like most first graders, I registered somewhere between 0 and 22 percent of what she was saying and wondered when the hell I was going to get my hands on…


In honor of Presidents Day and fake news: an alternative-facts rendering of the time William Howard Taft got stuck in his bathtub.

In the face of oppressive fear, we have no choice but to be fearless. Samantha Harrington, our resident moral compass, shows us how:


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