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Our story is part of His story, a story that began before time itself.

I believe that He is the creator, who both made the world beautiful and formed us in His image that we might appreciate beauty. What God made was beautiful and glorious: in His words “very good,” (Genesis 1:31).

But when we look around the world today, we know that something has gone wrong. Everywhere we look – juxtaposed against the beauty of God’s creation – we see ugliness. Broken relationships, broken homes. Disease and death, poverty and pain. Injustice. Suffering. The deepest part of our being cries out for more. We know we were made for more than this.

While the culture says we are of no more value than clumps of cells swimming in primordial ooze, we know the truth: we are precious because we are image bearers of God. We are created to gloryify God and enjoy him forever. We are called to love His people

and steward His creation. This truth is written in his Word, but it is also woven into our innermost being.

My story begins with rebellion. From my mother’s womb, I was a rebel. But God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to live and die in my place. God has made me his own. He has given me a new identity: forgiven, redeemed, beloved, adopted daughter of God. God has sent me out with a purpose and a calling. He is making my heart like his so that I will love like He does. 

So follow God’s story as you read the stories of our family’s life. 

As I write about everything from motherhood to fashion to triathlon training, I hope you will glimpse how God is working in our lives. And I hope that you will be drawn into His story too.


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