Sussexes may lose royal titles in Megxit review as Duchess’s miscarriage pain ‘can help others’


IT’S nearly been one year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a deal with the Queen that they would step down as senior royals in March.

Their roles will undergo a review in March, and royal author Robert Lacey said that their ‘royal status’ will also be debated.

He told “There are two titles involved, there is the HRH status and then there is the actual title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“Obviously if the review in March concludes they can’t

stay working royals, then it’s quite likely they would lose or forfeit their HRH styles.

“They have already put it into suspension. The way it is presented at the moment is that they are HRH but they choose not to use it, it doesn’t say that they are banned from using it.”

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