Tears To Glory – Louisville Punk/Hardcore History


Tears To Glory Stats

T2G logo
Record Labels: N/A
Started By: Armbar
Based In: Louisville
Largest show:  ? people
First show: August, 2005
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 6

Ex-members of Armbar and Onslaught playing Armbar and Onslaught songs as well as new ones… Hailing from Louisville Ky. Tears to Glory is made up of ex members of the original Louisville meat heads Armbar, and Onslaught. We hope to once

again hold the title for the rowdiest hardcore act in Louisville. ariblum77 is my AIM address. Fell free to hit me up.



  • Demo (eventually)
  • Songs available on myspace (see below)


Shirts & Merch:

  • None as of yet


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